questionswhats the best deal on a lock picking set?


well in many states they are not legal so becareful with any deals.


Here's one of the cheapest that I found for $5.71 although cheapest may not always be best:

And here are the rest of the deals that I found:

And I also agree with hobbit that you should definitely check to make sure that they're legal in your state before you buy.


While you're waiting, @kappelzs, you might be interested in these:

Please note that these are decent guys, with real, responsible employment, who just view lock picking as a hobby. In addition, those are quality sets, and a decent price for them.

You're welcome...


... or make your own. Dremel and mini-hacksaw blades make for a fun weekend project.


@shrdlu: i think the set you posted here seems to be the best, would love to get the set for $5.71 but i am afraid it will break off inside the lock


@kappelzs: Trust me in this. I trust "Deviant Ollam" and the folks at (and know many of them, personally). Good guys. Sometimes saving money's not the smartest thing.


I will say that the $1.99 lockpicking kit-in-a-credit-card-case special you see at 1SaleADay & DailySteals does work, and only once. I surprised myself and was able to pick my frontdoor deadbolt in about 45 secs with it (which scares me - I'm either that good or the locks are THAT cheap); but was all bent-to-hell when I was done.

Definitely time for a better kit.