questionswould you like to celebrate halloween?


@okham: @jumbowoot

Also sad you didn't include any halloween in there. :)


So for the last several weeks, my dog has been spooking me off and on late at night. He would be laying on his bed in my bedroom, then start rumbling low in his chest, get up, hackles raised and slowly back out of the room, growling as he goes. Now, this is a 140lb alpha male Great Dane that was surrendered to AC for aggression-- this is not a dog that scares easily. I would have to coax him to come back in the room, which he would do reluctantly, and continue growling for some time. Finally I realized that he was staring at one corner of the room, and I realized what it was that was freaking him out. It was my magnifier light. Looking at it with fresh eyes, it does have a sort of organic alien shape and that big reflective eye is a bit spooky if you don't know what it is. I dragged it out of its corner and persuaded him to examine it and he's ignored it ever since. But for a while I was sure I had a ghost in my bedroom.


@inkycatz: my bad

Hope you have/had a good hallow's eve!


Very cute/accurate video. I have nothing to add at the moment except this: