questionsanyone else having 1-click troubles with amazon…


Contact Amazon support. Really. Failing that, have you searched on Amazon's help areas? Perhaps other people there are having this problem, too.


I've been avoiding that mostly because I purchase very little from the appstore (I'm mostly there for the freebies) and I have this thing about being a leech on their support resources.


@jyelle: Try signing out of your App account on your Android phone and signing in again. This usually fixes that problem. **Turns out you can't sign out from your account now so ignore this

Another thing you can try is going to Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications --> Appstore then "Clear data"

That will wipe your account from the App all you would need to do is sign in again and you should be good. Try my first solution first though because manually wiping data from apps isn't recommended.

A third option is deregistering your device from your Amazon account and then resending the info to your phone again. <-- I would use this


@promyst: Looks like clearing the app data worked, once I signed in it started working again. Thank you!