questionswant a chance to win skyrim for pc? (dwchat 8pm…


I'd also like to thank @raremonkey for his Very Generous prize donations. He really helped out in making this game great.


Anyone know of an Android IRC client? I'm on vacation with an Android tablet, Android phone, and have a meh wifi signal in the room, though on the deck outside the room the wifi is a bit better.


Here is the Entry Form

Feel free to check it out, read the rules and see what's going on if you can make it. As I said, Everyone can submit their first entry without a code at 8:00 PM when wootchat. Any blank entries before that will be deleted. Be sure to read all the rules in case you have any questions.

If you have any questions please ask them here!


@baqui63: i use andchat. it works pretty well


@cowboydann: more than happy to donate a couple games


@baqui63: I use AndroIRC on my phone. It's free and works well enough.


Early Bird chirp (I hope this is where early birds are roosting. If not, where should i put it. <---be nice, please ;-)

@cowboydann: I see the word FINAL in the title. Is this the end of your giveaways? sob


@cowboydann: thank you for the chance to win stuff. i will be sitting this one out since i don't online game. the dannofcrap i got from you once has beaten out all the wootcraps for quality of stuff and wow factor. i am sorry to hear that you are leaving the deals.woot community. you were my idol here for a long time. hope life goes well for you.

one minor suggestion: that pink on pink is hard to read try a darker color for the print on that form.


From whence does your generosity flow, @cowboydann :) See you in the forum.

What's @moosezilla referring to? Are you really leaving us?


@okham: To clarify what @Moosezilla was referring to, no @Cowboydann is not leaving, this is simply the last giveaway is he holding.


@gmwhit: Unfortunately this is the end of my big big giveaways that I spend~50 dollars on.

I went way overboard this time, and it might be my last game. I Might start doing contests if people want to pay 8 dollars of shipping per DOC (that leaves me with 20 dollars + prizes out of pocket for 5 people). The way it's looking now though, We're going to have to see... I'm not sure. Next Month I plan on sending out one DOC and keeping it small and short... Mostly just about something fun to keep us occupied.

Sorry if I scared anyone into thinking this was byeforever. No way Jose. Not yet at least.

Also, Because there is a little confusion:

All entries that say yes, and get picked in the first draft of smaller games will be entered in a chance to win skyrim Also, I regret to say I opened up all my BOC's from woot, but I'm rebuilding them into one Amazing BOC. That will be another grand prize for EVERYONE who enters and gets picked first draft.


@grimskull89: That's what I thought, but it seemed awfully final and I always assume people know more than I do.

And I see he's clarified above. I'm going to try to stay up until then...


Uhm, I just realized there might be people who want my BOC prize (I pieced together two bags of crap, I promise you'll enjoy it even though it's not a true sealed BOC) But don't like playing steam games. If you want to stay up till I do the raffle, come into DW Chat. I'll give an entry form for anyone who wants the BOC.

Just be there at the end the raffle and I'll put the link up


@cowboydann that's good to hear, because as i've said before, i only have time for ONE Quitter's Cake per week. although i'd happily send you a radish or something.


Along with @raremonkey and @jezebelseven I'd like to take a quick moment to thank everyone who has helped me out the past.

Thanks @jumbowoot for stepping up to the plate not once, but twice! (Wootathalon, Whiskey Stones Guessing Game) and maybe 1 other time I'm forgetting.

Thanks @wootkalira, I was just joking around in DW.Chat asking "who's buying me [20 frying pan] on home.woot?" and she bought me one, no coupons, even paid the 5$ shipping to get it to me. So thanks a lot!

Also: very generous ~anonymous~ wooter who sent me over $40 to help run my contests for two more months. That was really, really great. No matter how many times I declined you wouldn't let me say no. It was very helpful and thanks anon!

The biggest thank you is to the community. You have saved me so much money this last year that it's been easy to give back with these fun(?) games. I just want to make sure you all know there is no way I could do all this by myself, many of generous wooters helped!


Ugh, Major Facepalm!!!

Thanks @Narfcake for donating an entire Box of crap along with a big bag of California Packing Peanuts! It was very very helpful in my last send out, definitely got a lot of interesting reactions with some very funny craps... Maybe somebody will posts pictures here :P

Thanks @Gideonfrost for sending out a Calendar BOC, and inspiring that whole give away.

Thanks @SkippyKJ for that massive massive BOC Including the wootofflights I desperately wanted, and the Pink woot shirt along with some rare (for me at least) woot-monkeys! Along with all the other items that got thrown into that huge Calendar/Monkey BOC event.

Thanks @agingdragqueen for the help with the forms and support with getting these arranged.

Thanks to the rest of the staff members who let this happen, and thanks again to the community, if you guys weren't so much fun I wouldn't enjoy this and I wouldn't do it. Ah shucks, running out of room. Thanks for everything. You're all great! <3


Thanks for your generosity, but I have to shower and sleep. :(


I'z is confuzzled. What time does chat start? I thought it was 9:00 woot time, but @cowboydann makes it sound like it ends at 9:00 woot time if I'm translating between time zones correctly...


@neuropsychosocial: It used to be 9:00 Woot time, but we bumped it up an hour to 8PM WT so east coasters who go to bed ~10 could join us for the fun.

@jsimsace: I'm starting to wonder if you'll ever make it to a DWChat ;) Alls well I'll catch ya eventually.


Thank you @SkippyKJ for donating 2 BOC's for a Flash Raffle in DW.Chat. Congratulations to @Kophia and @OkHam - I hope Skippy sends you some wonderfully crappy crap

If you follow me on Twitter you'll find another secret code waiting for you there to get you more entries into the Skyrim Contest.

also, Apologies to @kalira for calling her @wootkalira, I always tag you wrong

Hurry up though, Raffle starts at 11PM Woot Time. Prizes start going up in 45 minutes and you need to be in DW Chat to claim them.


@cowboydann: thanks for sponsoring! and thanks @skippykj for the crap :)


Last 10 minutes to join up. Raffle starts in DWChat in 15 Minutes. Polls close in 15 minutes.



@cowboydann: I showed up. That was the best I could do. I didn't sign up for anything cause I'm not a gamer, but thanks for all you do here!


@cowboydann: I'm so impressed. I couldn't make it to chat tonight but I wanted to at least say wow.


Thanks as always @CowboyDann for all that you do. It was fun.


Congratz to @Jezebelseven who won Skyrim! and @Kalira who won the BOC!!

That was a lot of fun. All the winners can be seen **here!

Thanks to everyone who played. That was a crazy fun game


@slydon: Thanks a lot :3 Unfortunately this might be my last game :P We'll have to talk about it in future wootchats and see what I'm going to do.

@AdmanCS thanks for donating games under jez's name too!


@cowboydann: Another great contest!

Had all kinds of fun, and we had quite a few new people wander into the room and stay, and better yet a few of them won stuff!

Good times, good times indeed.


@cowboydann: Thanks again! And let me know if I can somehow contribute to the next one again! :D


@cowboydann: Thanks CBD! Was my first DWC Raffle and it was a lot of fun! I honestly don't know how you can keep your sanity with so much to keep track of. Thanks for the 2 games, I am looking forward to playing both....tho I have a feeling I might need a therapist after playing Amnesia!


@cowboydann: Thanks for the update! I was actually planning to make it this week, heh (theme of my life, basically). Sounds like everyone had a great time with the games! Hope you're able to find a way to continue the games that you run - and hope that you'll consider accepting some community support so that the games don't bankrupt you.


@cowboydann as the lucky receipient of a DOC (better than last few offical BOC I was able to score) in the past I will miss the games, wish I could have been active in the DWChats but it gets kind of tough to plan for anything in the evenings trying to get 4 kids ready for bed. Hopefully after a little time off these games can get started up again.