questionsany tips for getting the smell of dog out of…


You might try sprinkling the heck out of it with either baking soda or Borax, letting it sit for at least a couple of hours, preferably overnight, and then vacuuming it.


Have you tried anything as simple as Febreze?


I second the Febreze suggestion. I think they even make a heavy-duty "pet odor" version, if you can find it.


We have tried regular Febreze which didn't really help much. Maybe I should find the pet version and give it a good soaking, letting it air dry. We let it go so long without doing anything. The dogs (65 and 75 lbs) had free rein on them for a good 6 years. Lost them both last year to cancer and just want a fresh (smelling) start now.


@90mcg112: Thanks! And up above I meant they smell like dog feet, not dog FOOD. Ahh, the lovely scent of sweaty dog feet :-P


I swear by this stuff, you will need to buy the gallon size, to get the concentrate, and mix it double strength. They have a quart size, but it is already diluted, and won't work as well. I find this more effective than fabreeze, and more pleasant to use. It also kills mildew and has a ton of other uses, so don't think you will get stuck with the remainder.

PS I learned about this when I volunteered at a shelter, which says a lot about the product.


I agree with Febreeze. You need to remove the cushions and do both sides of them. Set them outside to air out if you can. Then do the frame of the pieces separately.

You can also try putting the cushions in a large trash bag with a couple dryer sheets. You might even use your vacuum to suck the air out of the cushion and let it refill with fresh air with the dryer sheet.

My brother does this with jackets to get cigarette smoke out. He'll put one in each sleeve and hang it in the garage.

I've had my upholstery cleaned once when I did my carpet and it did help. You need to something a little more hard core with the cushions though because it's probably permeated further than just the upholstery.


PS: We call that smell Frito Feet.


next time you choose a pet, i recommend you follow this simple flow chart:

do you want to acquire an animal that typically smells like rectum, requires constant attention, cannot be left alone for more than 8 hours, is loud, tears up your belongings, and leaves fecal land mines all over your yard?
yes ------------> dog
no --------------> cat


vinegar dilluted with water works wonders. Spray area, leave alone - smell dissipates in a few days. Works on carpets too, although if you're cleaning carpets, use a 50/50 vinegar & water solution. That will pull all pet smells out.


@pinchecat: Weighed against the wonderful memories I have of times with Jesse and Penny, I will, without hesitation, say it was worth every mess they made.

For the record, we also had a cat. Krusty passed a couple weeks ago after living to the ripe old age of 21.

2012 was a tough year.


@thewronggrape: RIP Krusty :(

EDIT: lol @ the downvotes issued on my flowchart comment. lets hear someones argument as to how it's inaccurate.


Lysol. It works great on fabrics and actually kills bacteria that causes stink.

And/or, for the fabric parts you can't throw in the washer, try an aerosol foaming upholstery/fabric/carpet cleaner; the kind that has a plastic bristly brush thing attached to the top of the can.. You may be horrified by the amount of dirt that comes up; just a warning!


@pickypickypicky: Never heard of this Odoban stuff and some research shows it's popular with a lot of shelters/doggie daycares.

I live right next to Home Depot so I stopped in on my way home from work and there was a display right by the entrance—there's a special going on where you get a free bottle of the already mixed spray if you buy the large container of concentrate.

I vacuumed and brushed the furniture tonight, removed the cushion covers and tossed them in the washer along with the Odoban, and sprayed down the foam cushions and the sofa and loveseat. Been a few hours air drying with windows opened and fans on and they smell GREAT!!! I have Febreze'd the heck out of them in the past and there was still the lingering scent of dog feet. Thanks for the suggestion, and to everyone else who chimed in!


@thewronggrape: I am so glad it helped, I love the stuff and use it throughout the house, for sanitizing. They almost always have the extra spray bottle, sometimes it has their carpet cleaner instead. Plus, I prefer the smell to that of fabreeze.


@thewronggrape: And it's on sale for $6.00 a gallon. So glad you asked this question. Went into Home Depot to look at grills and there it was, calling me. Going to wait for a warmer day and hit the couch in the den. Poor dog is going to have to sleep on the floor for a day..


Yup, love Odoban. The stuff even works on my grungy gym/grappling clothes, and nothing, NOTHING prior could make those smell fresh. And my washer has a sanitize setting where it heats the water more than usual, but Odoban is what made the biggest difference.

Also, in a pinch, for furniture and stuff I've had good results rubbing coffee grinds (pre-brew, not used) into the nooks and crannies and then vacuuming them out later. The stuff really absorbs quite a bit of odors and leaves a nice scent that goes well with furniture.

Lastly, I once also bought some cat-pee-specific organic cleaner at Petsmart (I don't have pets, but was given the suggestion) that worked extremely well, maybe better than Odoban even, if I recall, but it cost waaaay more. The idea was that it used enzymes or something to attack odor-producing bacteria found in poo, pee, puke, etc.


I was given a sofa, love seat and over size chair. They were delivered to my house while I was at work yesterday. As soon as I opened my front door the smell of dirty dog hit me!! I was gross! I went from totally excited to having my own coushes to totaly disappointed. After vaccuming a while I took off the covers and threw them in the washer. There is a second cover over the foam cushion, a down feathered cover....I'm praying if I wash those on delicate and air dry they wont be ruined. I've washed down before with no problems. I have someone coming out tomorrow to clean the frame of the couches. I'm going to pick up some of this odoBan on my way home tonight to spary on everything.....I don't want to be charged ourageous prices for odor remover stuff from the cleaning company. I woke up this morning with major allergies, all congested and my youngest son has asthma, seems ok so far. Hope this odo Ban stuff works for us, I love these coushes.