questionsdo you prefer soft serve or ice cream?


That is like asking if I like cash or money. Makes no difference, I like it all!


I like the texture of soft serve, and the variety of flavors of ice cream. If only I could have the best of both worlds...
They are different things entirely

Your topic has too many questions and now I am confused


Mood of the moment. I like both as long as it is the good stuff. My favorites are local rather than national places. I do like an occasional DQ blizzard.


If it's going in a sundae, it should be hard ice cream. If it is going in a blizzard-type mix-up, it needs to be soft-serve. Chocolate-vanilla twist, to be exact. It is Wendy's Frosty-like when they use twist. Try it and you'll never go back to vanilla.


Depends on the mood. But, I do like a nice soft serve cone dipped in chocolate.


I like the Wendy's Frosty. I can't tell if it's soft serve or a thick shake, but still yummy.


What about frozen yogurt and custard, I am a custard man myself. But if it is only soft serve or ice cream. I go ice cream.


Both good, but don't forget frozen custard.


technically, soft serve is icecream that hasn't yet been fully frozen. Ice cream comes out as "soft serve" and is then frozen in tubs.


Defzles iced cream. But mostly just because there are WAY more flavors to choose from with iced cream :)


@kamikazeken: Note quite. Soft serve is more aerated, and is at least as cold as hard ice cream.


I scream for ice cream. Loves me some Oberweis Butter Pecan...if ever you're in the Chicago area it's worth it to stop by and get some...

With that said in order of love/like...

Ice cream
Soft serve
frozen custard

Like the DQ but for some reason always upsets my stomach. Still I love their butterscotch shakes...