questionsdid you cook anything special for this halloween?


That is too cool! My office never does anything fun!
A friend told me she was preparing a "Worms and Dirt" Casserole with black beans (mashed) and hot dogs cut into long strips.


@hot72chev: You can also do cool hot dog fingers.

The City isn't a lot of fun, but my Department has always been the best Department in the City to work for. We are grant funded so we have a tiny scrap of autonomy, and our jobs are helping people so it's rewarding. They had a Labor Day cookout in the summer to boost morale (I was on vacation and missed it), but there was way too much food bought and it was filling up our freezer so we decided to have a Halloween cookout to use it up. Still more than we could eat but we cooked it all and everyone is taking food home.


@moondrake: GAAH! Between this finger casserole and your costume pic on another question, you are scaring the bejebus out of me! I love your Halloween spirit! Boo to you!


The hot dog fingers are AMAZING!! I'm saving that idea for next year.


Wonderful ideas! I haven't cooked anything special, but since the rain scared away all of my anticipated trick-or-treaters, we might be having deep fried candy for the next few dinners.


@moondrake : what was the blood around the zombie ?
Nice cake. I've done graveyard cakes before, but no zoombies.

The hotdog fingers beat all.
I'm going to remember that one.

To answer you question : Nothing special this year. I am told though that all my cooking is rather scary !


@ceagee: It's the red velvet cake. I chewed up some of the "ground" with a fork and semi-buried the zombie. My oven is very old and slow (takes 22 minutes to bake a 5 minute batch of cookies) so I add 8oz of Greek yogurt to the batter to keep the cake moist.