questionshows the quality of the refurbished tvs that are…


I have one in my living room - my buddy bought a 42" proscan a few woot-offs back. It's been fine, has one stuck pixel, but it isn't mine and he hasn't noticed, so I don't really care.

That said, it's going to vary from TV to TV, based on the refurbisher. I generally think I'm fine buying a refurbished high-dollar item as long as it has a 90 day or so warranty.


I have never purchased a TV via the internet because I've never been sure what to expect, like you. So many differences in picture quality aren't conveyed by the specs, IMO. I just think you have to see it in person first.

That being said, if you saw the exact same TV you were eyeing in a B&M store for sale for less through woot, the $5 shipping and lower price from woot would probably seam the deal for me.

I've never had any first-hand experience with refurbished items through woot, though. (what are the odds of that?!)


I have first hand experience with OTHER refurbished items from woot, I bought an iPod and I love it. I have it for a couple of years and except for one tiny issue with it, when it froze up recently and I had to figure out how to reboot it, it has worked just fine. I think their refurbished items are going to be just like anywhere else.

If you are concerned about how it is packed for shipping. I would hazard to guess that they pack it well enough to sustain a trip across the country.


Thank you for the quick feedback, I think I will check out the local BestBuy to check out the TVs in person and then check out woot and deals.woot, since i'm in no rush.


I;ve bought thousands of dollars of refurbs via woot and gave not had an issue with a single one - Phillips TV, Dyson, Breville, you name it.


I have a refurbished 3 year old Vizio 19" that is doing just fine as well as newer refurbished 22" and 32" Vizios and have noticed no problems with them. All were from either Woot or Sellout.Woot. No visible damage to the units, no stuck pixels. Both of the newer tvs were double-boxed when they arrived and the boxes were undamaged as well. One was marked refurbished and the other was marked recertified. As long as you know what you want, the refurbished can be a good way to go. If you are worried about the short warranty period, you can use Square Trade for a 1 or 2 year warranty beyond the 90 day one.


I've bought multiple Televisions and Computer Displays online. I'd have no problem buying one from Woot so long as the model has plenty of reviews on Amazon, Tigerdirect or Newegg. Days after I paid $550 for my Samsung, I saw a similar size (32" 720p) model for $300 - Granted the Samsung is a better TV, but the cheaper model (I think it was Phillips or Proscan) was positively reviewed after the fact by the Wooters that got it.


I have two vizio refurbs from woot - a 42 inch and a 22 inch.
Both work great, no bad pixels, etc. There's no indication why these were returned to be refurbished, but I'd buy another if the need arose.


Got a philip's 42 that works perfectly.


I always buy my electronics refurbished. I've bought DVD recorders, a Blu-Ray player, Roku, and tons of Sandisk MP3 players. I bought a 23" Acer about 1 and 1/2 years ago and I have no problems at all with it. My 47" Philips refurb bought from Woot last June works great. I saved NYS tax and had a very heavy bulky item delivered right to my door. I will admit it is a gamble, there are always a few TV's DOA. Woot will refund your money or send another, but that is still a stressful situation. Also buying these things online means you'll have to wait for delivery. That's hard for some as you'll see in the discussion blogs for these items.


I have purchased a lot of refurb electronics. My impression is that the Woot versions have been higher quality than the others (Woot's have been indistinguishable from new), but I have been happy with all of my refurb aquisitions except for one gaming mouse (not from Woot) that was DOA. I don't know if Woot actually does a better job of selecting their refurb items, but it seems so.


I bought a 37" Visio from Woot and it was indistinguishable from a new one other than the box it came in. It has zero dead pixels and has been a great TV so far.


Hey, remember, before you buy anything online make sure to visit your local store to check out the item first. Then be sure to waste as much of the salesperson's time as you can, the same time they can be helping other customers who may actually have the intention of making a purchase. And then when you go home and buy the product online, feeling all good about yourself, just remember that the company you are buying from probably doesn't pay a penny of tax in your state. The wonderful thing about this is that they make millions from people like you yet don't have to give anything back to your community. Neat, huh?