questionswhere is the best place online to buy a comforter…

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Bought from both, just read the details like material, thread count, etc, to make sure you get what you want. I tend to have very expensive tastes and have found great deals and been very happy with the comforters (2 queen size sets, 1 king size set & 1 king size comforter only) I've bought from these sites.


I like Not the most luxurious, but nice patterns and materials and inexpensive enough so that you don't feel you have to use it for years.


I don't know about online but if you have a Tuesday Morning near you, they often have great deals on them. You kinda have to keep checking back to find one you like. I got a great one. Really thick. So thick, I always ended up kicking it off. =\


Sellout.woot commonly has deals on comforter sets, just check the main page for about a week. There will definitely be one, probably reversible for $19.99.


Thank you to everyone who answered! I appreciate your help. Tuesday Morning actually has a website and I think I might have found one on there that I will get.


AnnasLinens is great for all bedding-great prices and they have an online site.