questionsdo you wish stores were closed today?


No. I know enough people that don't get paid holidays that are quite happy to work, and I like being able to go and wander on a random day off. don't even get me started on Sundays...


Some mom and pop stores are closed today. The major retailers want to be open because if a majority of their customer base is off today, they might go shopping and buy something.

I worked retail many years ago and we were always competing against our own sales figures from the previous year. If you closed an extra day, you would never make your quota especially if you didn't close during the holiday during the previous year.

Also, if your competition is going to be open, you better be open too or you'll potentially lose a customer to another company. If they like that other store, you could lose them forever.


Yes. And I wish stores and restaurants were closed on Sunday's as well. Difficult to spend time with your family when you have to work.


@mtm2: Oh, perfect idea for people who have to work six days a week. Or who don't have families. Or don't cook. Or would like to spend time with their families without cooking.

If you don't want to shop or dine or work on Sundays then don't. Why would you want to deny others that opportunity?


@elforman: Because member of my family have to work because others choose to go out.

That or be unemployed, which they've been taught NOT to do if given a choice.

And we do choose NOT to go out to eat or shop on Sundays.


Stores don't have to be closed for people to stay home and spend the day with family. We are not obligated to shop.

If people would rather shop than spend time with family, then who are we to tell them they are wrong?


In a competitive world you can't afford to miss out on a few $. Store A has to be open because store B is open.


I wish stores were closed every day. And I wish people would stop walking on my grass!