questionshow do you ask a popular question?


Example: What was the first tree to have its full DNA code sequenced?


it's easy and difficult at the same time.

1. think of a question that you care about and others might be wondering about as well.
2. search and make sure it hasn't been asked before
3. post the question
4. ???
5. profit!!


Awwwww, Your like a little flower waiting to bloom. I'll be the sun for your photosynthesis.


@carl669: wait....there's profit??

I'll be looking for my check in my BOC!!


You need to post an interesting question at a time when people are around and interested it answering, or at least voting for, it.

The phase of the moon also has a profound effect.


Yay! Your question has now gone popular!! Welcome to beginning your road to addiction to deals.woot!


@mustardsquarepants: of course there's profit. why else would we be here? you haven't been getting your direct deposits?


@averan: nice. i love to be babied.

@mustardsquarepants: i would prefer to be paid in peanuts, is there an option for that?

@mustardsquarepants: isn't it ironic that by asking a question about how to ask a question to be popular makes you popular? i recon alanis would be the goto girl for that one tho...

my next question is how to contact alanis about her opinion on this. i'm sure she's dying for something to do. not to mention she's really hot, had a thing for her ever since she did that video where she was naked and the only thing covering her boobs was her hair. i was a rambunctious little teenager then.

but i digress.


Wear something low-cut. (Hey, popularity comes at a price.)


and you would be amazed at what kinds of questions appeal to the masses...


@juliank24: Wasn't popularity the intended result of asking this question?

and more importantly...wasn't that video from like 1995?
Back when I still wore braces and played the tuba..

(Funfact: I've never had braces and wasn't in band)


I can't help but notice the tag-nazi's haven't changed your sweet tags yet.. (unless they aren't your sweet tags, and that's what they were changed to..)

And as far as an answer to the question; you don't. Just ask something you actually want to know about - or something you'd like an opinion on from a bunch of strange people who like cheap things. Popularity's just a side effect.