questionshas anyone else given up completely on physical…


Not everything is available in a streaming version, so I'll keep my CD players, DVD players and phonograph.


I will stick with physcial media for a couple reasons. Mostly it has to do with legal issues and "faith" that the streaming services will still be around in the future.

What would YOU do if you have all this content purchased from amazon streaming and in ten years amazon no longer existed? or maybe in ten years they do not have any deals to stream the movies you purchased? For streaming services remember that it all depends on 1) a connection to the network on your end. 2) a connection to the network on the other end. 3) the continued existence of the media you purchased.

With physcial media, you also have the option to resell at some point in the future. It is quite possible to build a home media server and copy most if not all of your collection into it for streaming within your house also. And of course it is always nice to have a backup.


Another note - what about the movie dune for example? do you know how many versions of that movie exist today? It is quite possible and likely that the version you purchase today is NOT going to be the same version you stream next year. Legal contracts and such change what is allowed to be streamed all the time. If I buy it on a disc though, they can't come and take the disc away without my consent. Even if they plan on replacing it with the same movie.

The same is true of Star Wars (episodes 4-6) you can not buy a freshly released copy of the movie WITHOUT the changes lucas made during the episodes 1-3 production. Any streaming copy you find will be the "newer" version, and some people prefer the older release.


If you enjoy the "extras" that come on the disks then you still need the physical media. Also, if you are an audiovideophile than nothing yet compares to the physical media for picture and sound quality. VUDU streaming is close but isn't quite there yet.


Nope, I care way too much about quality and ease-of-use to switch to digital media.
The focus of digital media on "get it fast" has resulted in MUCH lower quality content (Netflix/Amazon vs. Blu-ray, for example). Also, the DRM on digital content makes me uneasy. I KNOW I'll be able to watch my physical Blu-rays 10 years from now. I can't say that about the UltraViolet digital copies, though.

Additionally, physical media has greater value to me because it can be transferred (read: resold).


I will only upgrade physical media when it breaks, needed, or on a giveaway type sale.

Digital only ownership is too risky for me. Will the company still be around next year? Many have failed.

Call me a an anti-tech, but we have already seen Amazon delete past purchases on their e-readers. So I am going to keep an on-hand (legal) copy


Frankly, unless you have physical media (or perhaps a digital DRM-free copy stored locally) you don't own anything. Streaming and in-the-cloud storage can all be taken away with the stroke of a key. I will never abandon physical media.


For stuff I'm not going to miss, sure, I'll take digital media. But for stuff I want to keep, I will purchase physical media.