questionsdoes anyone else find it funny that paula deen…


No. I do not wish diabetes on anyone. The many complications of this disease are horrible.


Why would someone's health issues be funny? I'm sure she doesn't find it humorous.


I don't think it is funny, but I am not surprised. I'm sure her recipes have shortened a life or two.


Funny? No. Surprising? No.


I want to clarify that I was not making fun of someone for having a terrible but preventable disease. I think Ironic would have been a better choice of wording rather than Funny. Like I said I am not making fun of the disease, I just thought that it was ironic that the reason for her celebrity is the cause of her having the disorder. Many non-celebrities end up in the same position as her, but the fact that what she does has made her sick will hopefully encourage her to change her lifestyle and find a way to cook the tasty meals in a manner that is more healthy.


I think it is too predictable to be ironic. You know her recipes aren't healthy...


I didn't laugh out loud and think it was awesome but I do think it's unsurprising. And that she's very reckless in cooking such obviously unhealthy food on television.


Like everyone else so far, I wouldn't really call it "funny," but I do hope it might be a bit of a wakeup call. As @mcowan3 pointed out at the end, most celebrity chefs and cooking-show hosts advocate a style of food preparation that's going to be pretty bad for you. If it's not fatty, it's salty which will do a number on you too, just via a different mechanism. Watch any given food network show and you'll see liberal usage of sodium ... it's scary. Culturally, the US is too in love with fat and salt. Hell, look at the Bacon! meme.


Funny? No. Ironic? Yep. A good lesson that you may not want to snort butter for breakfast and deep fry fat in fat to make deep fried fat sticks? Yes.

I've never been a fan of hers. And the fact that she's been hiding her ailment while continuing to push horrible food to the public, I hope is a lesson to her and others.