questionswhat percentage of your internet use happens on…


Phone: 0%
Tablet: 5%

I prefer a full sized monitor when I am doing stuff online.


Much like @moondrake, 0% on my Motorola Razr and 0% on my non-existent tablet.


0% phone, 0% tablet.

Gee; I always heard that bigger was better. Never understood the tiny screen addiction. ;-)

100% full sized keyboard, big monitor PC. An aside: I do have a net book; use it while traveling. It's better than nothing. Also have a Lenovo Thinkpad, it's a backup for the PC.


At home/work (same place). 5% Phone (Note 2), 10% Tablet (Note)

when out 70% phone, 30% Tablet.

I can think of little reason not to use my PC at home, but I do like to sit outside in the morning with my tablet and a cup of coffee and my phone is helpful if I happen to be walking the dogs and get a work message. Plus things like a game being played with the nieces or nephews is done on the mobile devices.


@gmwhit: I'm pretty sure that bigger refers to width, not length. And I don't mean bandwidth. ◔_◔


100% laptop. Can't stand the tiny screen for getting anything useful done.
My laptop is perfectly portable if I need to travel out of town.

When at home, unlike using a desktop, I can kick back and watch baseball or whatever else I might want to catch, and still get some work done. Baseball is perfect background music.


My breakdown is:

- Phone 10% (but only when I'm on the road or away from home)
- Laptop 90%

I gave up on using a tablet because I prefer the full-sized keyboard on a laptop.


@robingraves: Science! .... size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness

I'd say 10/40/50 Phone/Tablet/"PC", though I'm at a computer all day for work, and it's connected to the Internet, I do a lot of my "consumption" (especially social media) on a mobile device. If my tablet had 3/4G, I'd use the phone less, but as it is, I just tether (which is a PITA, mainly due to battery drainage)

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Perhaps I seould explain: am always on the move. Carry a laptop, and a tablet, but booting the laptop takes a while, and I would have to get the tablet out....I started using my phone while standing in line at the Post Office or similar, then over time got so good and fast at dealing with stuff on the phone that it's automatic now to reach for it.

Once I got used to the screen typing and pinch/zoom, I speeded up a lot.

Now I get stuff done around the house with less willpower because I don't have to get up from the desk to do stuff, I'm already not at my desk.

I always use desktop websites, as mobile sites are usually worthless. There are some sites that will not work on a mobile browser - turbotax won't - but most will.

I make a lot of typos, but far fewer that once upon a time.

I surprised myself with how far I've adapted this way, and was curious if others had.


@f00l: I know what you mean. I've done the same before I got my tablet, and my phone is a Blackberry Bold. I am currently stymied by the lack of proper "phablet" offerings in the US. I would love love love to get a Galaxy Note 8 with the HSPA+ as that is the sweet spot for portable (for me), but those are not destined for US shores. Instead we have to wait a year for Verizon (or someone) to roll out an overpriced/underpowered LTE unit.
So instead, I'm biding my time for the Note III phone to be released here.

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@f00l: Most of that 5% tablet is checking my email. It is always ready to go, so I can check my email in seconds, and if there's anything that needs a response I'll boot one of the computers to actually deal with it. But my tablet is mostly a games and onboard video viewing device. My phone is a phone.


At work I am on a desktop about 80% of the time. My tablet is used the other 20% at work and 100% away from work. I have 3 laptops and a couple of desktops at home, but hardly ever use them. I don't even carry a cell phone anymore, as I hate talking on the phone and if it is important they will call my DH's phone.


not sure how much i actually use at home, but i use 5gb or over almost every month on my phone alone. i visit alot of forums and listen to alot of podcasts and Pandora while at work though. my work blocks all the fun sites so i have to use my phone.


I'm with @moondrake and @jsimsace. I have only an elderly non-smart phone and a tablet I haven't figured out yet. Make that two tablets, actually. One of these days I've just gotta sit down and learn how to use them.


@robingraves: Bigger is better, period. All dimensions.


Don't forget gaming consoles! Mine is probably like .02% on my xbox IE browser. :)
If you including streaming videos and such, my Internet-enabled TV's might account for a bigger chunk of Internet usage.
I'd say my use is in this order: (most to least)


@j5: I have a Galaxy S3. I hear the S4 will be larger and may go for it.

Another person on my account has the Note 2 and loves it. I'm with you, bigger is better.

I want a connected device, not a wifi device. Re usage, never pay attention, but it might be 10g a month some months. Netflix and Amazon Instant Video and dling various other stuff. With sprint, they don't have bandwidth limits to the phone, and they say they don't throttle. I've never had an issue. I don't feel bad about the usage because with 4 android devices and a modem, many of which use little bandwidth, they get lots of $ from me. I just want a ginormous phone.