questionswhy did woot and amazon cave on adding sales tax…


No sales tax is being charged for me on Woot or Amazon. Remember, the sales tax is based on your state. If your bill-to address is in a state where Woot or Amazon has a store or a warehouse then you're going to pay the tax upfront. Did you happen to move recently? Or maybe they opened a new location in your state.


Some states require if you actual have a business location in that state, you are required to collect sales tax. Amazon started placing their warehouses in multiple states, and that may have triggered it for some.


For Woot -
Sales tax is always charged on shipping.

Effective September 1, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.
Effective September 15, 2012, Woot, Inc. was required to begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to destinations in California.


Following a newly passed state law is not "caving."


Of course it's caving, the responsibility for paying taxes is on the individual. Companies that charge the tax are acting as transfer agents for the states which is not their business, product sales is their business. I try my best to avoid purchases from Amazon and now Woot.


So I ordered something that was 19.99 total and I was charged 1.62 in sales tax. That works out to 8.1%
Our sales tax in WV is NOT 8.1% I have no idea where this number came from. Also we don't even have a warehouse here so I am confused.


I just have to say I F#$×@ ing hate New York and the politics ........and taxes here. If my career wasn't here I would move.....and when I retire I DEFINITELY WILL MOVE. Rant off, thanks for listening and have a nice day :)


@lmensor: Actually Amazon struck a deal with the devil (CA tax collectors) and negotiated a secrete "back room deal", ie, massive kickbacks/deferments/credits or what have you, in exchange for shafting the Amazon shoppers in California. It had nothing to do with any would be illegal for a state to require a company outside of its borders to collects its use tax. The issue here is one of simple greed - greed of the CA politician who squander every dollar they get and have an insatiable thirst for more, and Amazon corporate, who apparently figured out they could make more money overall.