questionswhere can i get good paper for cheap?


I usually use Office Max or Staples one of two ways - with the reward points (you will have the points earned for your next buy) or through coupons I receive from Office Max. Usually $10 off a $30 purchase or $30 off a $150. I believe I get those because I am classified as a business through them - although they did not request any FEIN or anything like that. If the paper is $30, you could get it for $20.00 - that's pretty cheap. The coupons are sent about once a month.


Depends on how much paper you use.

The last two reams I got cost me a total of $0.89 at Staples ($4.99 + tax - easy rebate). I know that rebates can be a PITA but the Staples easy ones couldn't be much easier (takes longer to deposit the rebate check with my cell phone camera than it does to apply for it).

For me, these two reams will last about five years, so I'm good for a long time. Note however that deals like this come up about twice a year and most of the office supply stores (Staples, OfficeMax, etc.) have them or something similar.

Even if you use significantly more paper, a few reams for $0.48 cents will bring your average cost down quite a bit (less so as you use more paper).


@baqui63: The problem is that those sales usually have a limit of two reams. I got those back then too. Now I am out of paper.

The other issue is that Staples and OfficeMax rebates usually have to be spent at their stores. They also have expiration dates on them. When I stock up, I do generally do not need to go back to these stores for a while. The rebates expire, and the "deal" turns out not to be a good one.

I have a feeling that that is one of the reasons that they offer the rebates in this way.


I use a little outfit out of Scranton, PA. They're technically a printer company now, but they used to be exclusively paper and still carry it. They aren't the cheapest, but you get more personal attention than with the big chains. My salesman gave me several phone numbers (office, home, cell, pager) and doesn't take personal days or celebrate any major holidays.


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Sorry, had to.


The best and you want it cheap? It comes courtesy of the office and an unguarded supply room. :)

All kidding aside, what the others have said about Staples/Office Max/Office Depot when they run a special with rebates. Staples does tend to be the easiest here with their easy rebates.


I would suggest The Green Office, they have both standard and recycled papers from only £1.49 and if you use the following voucher code you will receive 15% off your first order :)

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