questionsif you're taking your kids trick-or-treating…


No costume. Dump all candy on the table, pull out the trash. Then the 2 adults take 1 piece each. Then 1 child, then the other. Next round the 2 adults take, but the kids switch who picks first. This repeats 10-15 times (or more if there is lots of high quality candy). The unselected candy goes in a bag to put out at work.


I have worn a costume some years and not worn one other years. As far as candy went, my daughter was allowed to eat as much candy as she could before she went to bed that night. Candy that was left over went to work for my employees the next day.

{FWIW: My daughter has ADHD, and candy still (at 18 yo) is not a good idea. Candy in my house was extremely limited, but I baked all the time, so it wasn't really missed.}


I don't wear a costume when I take my kids because I end up having to carry one by the end of the night (4,3,2 last year) and don't want to carry them with a costume on but I might later when they get older.

I take the kit-kat's and they can have the rest.


We didn't dress up when we took the kids Trick or Treating. We also didn't take their candy, in fact we loaded a couple of handfuls of chocolate from our distribution bowl into their bags before they headed out. The wife always buys too much candy and we always have leftovers for the next several weeks.


I usually have some Hershey Special Dark or something else for the more mature palette to give out to parents with good costumes. So it is not required, but beneficial.


I think the Dads that half-ass it and just throw on a crappy plastic cape or a dumb mask look out of place. When I take my kids I usually drop a little coin on a decent mask or put some thought into my outfit. Last year I found a really high end Homer Simpson mask. I threw on some blue leisure pants and a white collared shirt I found at Goodwill and supplied my own fat. This year I bought the horse head from @deals.woot and bought this ill fitting 1970's tuxedo from the Goodwill.

My neighborhood is pretty festive instead of handing out candy to the parents, a few guys will toss you a cold one or give you a refill out of their keg. So I'm feeling pretty good before I get back home.


Must? No. It is more fun with a costume.

Candy cut? You don't get a cut! You have money and can buy your own candy when you want it.


@dontwantaname: Amen. I always stayed at the curb - no costume - and waited. My daughter went through what she had collected and put aside that which she did not like. We would put them in a bowl to be eaten by anyone who wanted them . It was, of course, usually I.


We get about 200+ kids at our house. Setting up the front porch and dressing up is a must if you come over. So far the best of my costumes have been Domo, glow-stick man and Spaceghost. Glow stick man was a big hit because i would jump out of a bush and start throwing glow sticks at all the kids. As far as the candy. We inspect then let my daughter have her pick. We then take a few of what we like. I usually make out the most because I love all the "crappy" candy.


I don't have kids but I took my nephews out a few times when I was visiting my sister's family over Halloween. I never wore a costume. Wasn't really expected in their neighborhood.
My little nephew has always been great about sharing his candy with me. It helps that he thinks I'm just about the coolest person in the world and that he really prefers gun, lollipops and other hard candy while I like chocolate. One year, when I got home, I found a few chocolate bars in a ziploc bag in my duffle bag. I didn't put them there. I can only assume the little guy snuck them in as a surprise for me to find when I got home.


As a porch sitting candy giver - I think that unless you are going to "bring it" - don't dress up. If you do go for it, however, we may be forthcoming with a beer/mike's/whatever we have in the cooler.


We don't have kids, but we went trick-or-treating with friends and their kids last year. We dressed up, our friends didn't :(


@jsimsace: Ask @meh3884 - my stalker :) But my place is easy to spot - all members of my household (2 adults, 2 dogs) plus whoever stops by, drinking on the creepy front porch with a door that yells at you and creepy haunted sounds that play as you walk up.


I usually put on a costume to answer the door, so I think it is nice when the escorts dress up. Not required, though. This year I thin that I'll take out my Obi-Wan costume from a few years ago.