questionsare fireworks legal where you live?


no. but that doesn't really seem to stop anyone.


They are legal here in SC. How do I feel about them in my town? Having no town closer than 20 miles makes it a bit of a moot point, but I have no problem at all having them around. They are quite enjoyable.


Yes and no. In my state, yes. In my town, no. Lame.


While I can certainly understand WHY some places decide to make them illegal (nobody ever cleans up their mess, fire hazard, etc), does anyone else see the irony in something used to celebrate/commemorate the birth of the country/freedom being increasingly against the law?

I live in a fairly small town that is part of a fairly large metro area. Legal here, illegal in the metro area. There's one large stand RIGHT at the edge of town where the metro cops will sit and chase after anyone leaving the parking lot and going into the metro area, so that stand often hands out maps highlighting alternate routes. Every year, this small town asks 'should we make them illegal'? The answer is always 'this is how much we make in sales tax' and the question quickly goes away.


They are banned again this year, I can't recall when they weren't. We've had a long drought and it hasn't let up yet. So far this year we have had just a little over an inch of rain for the city, and it hasn't rained at my house in the middle of town since Thanksgiving. So the fireworks ban is an important safety consideration. There are several free professional fireworks displays put on here and in Mexico just over the dry creek bed that was named the Rio Grande before it was all dammed up hundreds of miles upstream. You can see them from the comfort of your deck or back yard throughout most of the city.


No, but it is a short trip to cross into a border state where it is legal. Seems all my neighbors do that, too. Fine with me -- we get to enjoy all the different shows.


No, they are not legal to purchase or use in my state but for some reason it is legal for companies to set up shop and sell them in my state. I live right on the PA/MD border (PA side) and they are legal in MD, but there aren't many places around the area to buy them in MD, but right in my tiny town are 2 huge suppliers of fireworks - right across the street from each other and right off the interstate. You cannot buy them if you live in PA and they do check your drivers license, but of course since we live right on the line, everyone in PA knows someone in MD that they can get to go in and buy them. It's really such a joke.


@stile99: I live in Texas, where celebratory gunfire used to be popular on patriotic holidays. But bullets fired up do come down, at terminal velocity. Slower than if fired directly, but plenty fast enough to injure and kill people. Although it is illegal in Texas, it is still not infrequently done. Is it ironic that firing a gun in the air and risking fatally injuring someone is illegal on patriotic holidays? Certainly not to me. I feel the same way about making it illegal for my neighbor kids to play with fireworks and accidentally set my sun-baked, tinder-dry roof on fire. One of the chief freedoms we enjoy in this country is the freedom to go about our lives without fear of loss of life or property. The purpose of the law is to safeguard that freedom by making those behaviors that have a reasonable likelihood of causing harm illegal.


Sort of. They limit what you can buy but it is a very short list that is very boring. Most people who want their own fireworks travel to one of the state borders and buy the illegal fireworks.


Illegal in NY, but that's why everybody just hops over a state or two to buy them. Nice scam they run, too. They make you sign a waiver that states you are licensed to transport hazmats... without ever asking you to show your license. That way they don't get busted, because they have proof that you're a big smelly liar.

Also props to @moondrake for mindlinking with me, was going to make that exact argument.


Not illegal, but frequent "temporary banned" due to drought...which generally means it's just frowned upon. Cops see you with fireworks at public gatherings and just tell you to limit it to stuff that stays on the ground. Snakes and sparklers.


My state has a ban sales and use of explosive and projectile (e.g. roman candle) personal fireworks. (Pros can and do shoot off the good stuff)
I live in a city bordering state where they are perfectly legal, so the ban in my state is moot.

That said, while I have no problem with fireworks on New Years or 4th of July, it gets really really old listening to fireworks go off in the middle of the night for: Memorial day, Labor day, Arbor Day, Kid's BirthDay, A Sunny Day, Saturday, etc.

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Illegal here. Small town though, and lots of fireworks can be seen from my own yard.
Neighbors a couple doors up always have a big party on the 4th. They always have fireworks, and the cops leave them alone.
The noise freaks out the pets.

We had sparklers as kids. I don't think they were legal, but somehow my dad got them for us.
Now I find glow sticks are pretty fun for the kids, and safe and less noise !
I do wonder about more plastic used up going into a landfill though. Always a downside somewhere......


I'm in Michigan and they were made legal last year. Here's a nice summary from a Michigan attorney.

Taken from:

Michigan’s Fireworks Law – Details

You must be 18 years old to purchase fireworks in Michigan.

The new law prohibits the use of fireworks by anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, fireworks cannot be used on public property, on school property, or on private property without the express permission of the owner.

The state law allows local governments to regulate the use of the fireworks throughout the year except on ten federal holidays (including the holiday itself and the day before and after the holiday). The ten federal holidays are: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Note: Grand Rapids and some other Michigan cities have banned fireworks outside these ten days.


Florida - the shooting/explosive kind are illegal unless you sign a waiver you're going to use the bottle rockets to scare off pest animals on farm or something like that. I never actually read the waiver.

Plus if you give a $10 donation to the local Police Athletic League or charity - you get BOGO50OFF. Funny stuff...