questionshdmi cable, which one is best?


I will not get into the debate of Monster vs Sony vs Amazon HDMI cables.

I will only tell you I have had them all and I now purchase all types of cables at Amazing prices and their products have ALWAYS worked flawlessly.

Here is the link for HDMI cables:

Good Luck.


thank you so much, I did not expect an answer so guys are amazing


I 2nd (or third) monoprice I just got this flat 35' bad boy for under a dollar a foot. It is much wider then it looks. almost an inch wide.
On short runs my cable company gave out free 6ft HDMI cables. (one at a time)


I have some ten foot cables that cost me $1.09 each ($1 plus tax) and some six foot cables that cost me $2.20 each ($1.99 + shipping) and one six foot cable I was given that supposedly cost $9.99.

They all work exactly the same.


@caffeine_dude: I need that exact thing, and I didn't know it existed until right now. Thanks dude.


In the last 6 years, I have purchased a total of 27 HDMI cables from Monoprice of varying in length from 1.5ft to 30ft. Out of 27 cables so far, I haven't had a single failure.


The biggest thing is to get the proper one for your needs. The HDMI 1.3 cables do not support everything whereas 1.4 does.(At least until they add more features to the HDMI specification.)
1. HDMI 1.4 has a much higher resolution compared to 1.3
2. HDMI 1.4 totally supports 3D while 1.3 only supports 3D in 1080i
3. HDMI 1.4 is equipped with an audio return channel not present in HDMI 1.3
4. HDMI 1.4 has an Ethernet channel while 1.3 does not


Cheap amazon or monprice: six'd.


Another vote for Monoprice. I have a bunch in the 5' to 10' range and a 50' HDMI (computer to AVR across the room) from them and have never had a problem. I also use their CAT 6 cables and have never seen a problem, unlike some more expensive name brand cables.


Don't listen to these fools! They are missing out on what Monster cables can do for you. You know when you invite people over to show off the cables behind your TV? How are you going to feel when they laugh at you because you didn't use name brand cables?

You absolutely MUST get Monster cables. Your system just won't be cool without them. And, of course, the more expensive line of Monster cables will just make your system that much cooler.


Looks like monoprice it is! Thank you my Wooter Fam, the best anywhere and everywhere!!


@woadwarrior: "HDMI 1.4 has an Ethernet channel while 1.3 does not"

I have yet to see two devices that support ethernet over HDMI that would have any reason to use it to talk to each other. I'm not sure I've seen a TV support it yet; though I've seen some blu-ray players that do. But what on earth would I want two blu-ray players for - let alone two that are talking to each other?


@lparsons42: I guess I could see some sort of ethernet pass through from your Blu-Ray player to the TV. The function would be limited in scope, but it might serve to save an extra ethernet cable to the TV. I'm sure someone much smarter than me has some better ideas for it than that.


@lparsons42 your HDMI connected equipment already talks to each other. The reason for Ethernet over HDMI is so you don't have to hook an Ethernet cable to each component in order for it to also talk to the network. The Blue-ray player can pull down Netflix, the TV can do it's "Smart TV" thing, etc. and only one of them has to be hooked to the local network.


@lparsons42: Any TV set that supports HDMI 1.4 should support ethernet over HDMI since it's part of the specification.
From the HDMI org's FAQ:


Remember, if you're spending less than $600 on your HDMI cables, you're probably a knuckle-dragging, cretinous mouth-breather.


The more expensive, the better.


I have not had a single issue whatsoever with any of the cheapest cables I can find. I mean its a digital signal. Either it works, or it does not. Thats all there is to it.


As others have stated, Monoprice FTW.


@meems212: While you are there (if you system supports it, and you are an audiophile, and you do not already have it) check out optical audio cables, you can not go wrong for the price. The sound is fantastic.

edit Even if you are not an audiophile try one cable if your system supports it


I use Rocketfish. Have been for years now and it puts out the amazing picture at half the price of Monsters. They even Beat Monster in testing.
You can get them off eBay for nothing.

Don't listen to that "All HDMI cables are the same" BS. Stick with a quality name brand. I hooked up a cheap cable on my Xbox on night to test this theory. I had a cheap Dynex cable from Best Buy. Xbox was very pixilated and laggy with the Dynex. Back to the Rocketfish and back to crystal picture.


The cheapest cable is the best :)


@cloudscout: Wow. Thanks for pointing that site out, it's a great source of laughs. $2600 for a HDMI cable? Amazing.

HDMI is a digital signal. On or off, nothing in between. As long as your $5 Monoprice cable isn't physically damaged, it will work exactly as well as these gold plated ripoffs.


wow, someone actually downvoted me for that? that's coldblooded.


@scarabkafer: Upvoted you back. ^_^ My guess is that it was probably by someone who spent hundreds on one, and wants to feel smug about it.

(Monoprice FTW again.)


@caffine_dude "While you are there [...] check out optical audio cables, you can not go wrong for the price."

Are you referring to Toslink? If so, then that there's only one reason to use it, which is electrical isolation. Otherwise, the transceivers are rock bottom cheap and noisy and the implementations on top of it won't even pass the newer uncompressed audio formats. Otherwise, optical Ethernet really has no audio applications, so I can't understand why you think optical is the way to go?


@narfcake: Hehe, thanks. I figured the same thing.

Even though independent tests have shown no performance benefit in expensive cables, some people are still adamant that they are better. Maybe it helps them sleep at night, even though deep down they know they flushed a bunch of money down the toilet.


@rhmurphy Did you look through the other fine products they have for sale?

My favorites are the Auric Illuminator Resolution Enhancement System:
"Originally developed as an optical resolution enhancement tool for the U.S. mililtary..."

And the GutWire Notepad2:
"Place a Notepad on top of the drive mechanism of your Blu-ray, CD, DVD, or SACD player or transport and experience a performance boost. The result is cleaner, clearer sound. For players or transports with a top loading mechanism, place a NotePad2 behind or next to it."


@phunsberger: For me it got rid of noise from my audio that had run on RCA. My house has a ground loop issue.
And I run older equipment:
and my WD Media player.


Don't forget to add the 8" dynomat circles to your walls, to keep out all that unwanted resonance.


Hey, the prices on HDMI cables on Amazon and Ebay are lower than any other supplier that I have found!!!!


As others have said, If you have 3D, you must get high speed cables. I'd recommend them for everyone anyway and at monoprice the prices are so low, you can get them easily.

Whatever you do, avoid Monster. They were top of the line when monster first came out, now they are simply a very overpriced store brand and not particularly high quality.


@waltertangofoxtrot: While I agree that high priced cables are not necessarily any better, there is a difference among cheap cables. It's not as simple as on/off. Interference from lots of things can cause problems. Cables that aren't shielded will have difficulty carrying 1080p and 3D transmissions.

And while yes digital is on/off, every pixel is it's own transmission, so you can have some on and some off and that's when you get pixelation or those squares that aren't quite right (kind of like watching anything from TWC.)

So you can go cheap, but go good cheap (