questionsjust launched my shoe line on kickstarter! can i…


I am a huge fan of Kickstarter and have been a backer of many successful and unfortunately several unsuccessful ventures.

I felt your overall design and information provided was pretty spot on. Typically when asked to check out someones website I will keep a piece of paper next to me and jot down all the questions I have about the product. I was able to answer all of my questions regarding your product within minutes.

I was also a fan of the idea of creating a visual representation at the end of what exactly each backer is receiving. This was a great way of not only showing off your product again, but also visually showing people on what else they could get by upgrading.

Unsure if you've used Kickstarter in the past but I really appreciate when people provide updates and emails about their products and other visions your company has for the future.

Good luck!


@studerc: Thanks for your input! I'm the one who did 90% of the design, so it's VERY good to hear that someone other than myself likes it :)

Yes, it is my first Kickstarter. I've been doing a lot of reading into what backers expect and like to hear about our project updates, so we've got some idea of updates that we will keep our backers informed about. From your experience, what have been the most important updates that you've received?

Thanks again!


The spouse and I have really enjoyed participating in a couple dozen Kickstarter projects in the last 15 months; we've been fortunate that all of them have fully funded and been successful.

Your project hits all my happy buttons: chatty and upbeat text; details about your project's star-up goal; some history of your product and its country-of-origin culture, a reasonable, well thought out business plan; a realistic starting amount; and enticing photos of donor rewards.

I liked the range of photos for the shoes and the size chart. Your page layout is attractive, easy to read, and answered all my questions.

I agree with @studerc about liking frequent updates on the project. I've had a couple of successful "kickers" who emailed me later to let me know they had another project underway; I was happy to participate based on their earlier successes.

I'm in!


@magic cave: Thanks! I'm glad my project hit all of your happy buttons! :)

@magic cave: @ studerc: Do you feel like there was anything missing? Were there enough photos of the shoes? Were the photos too small? Kickstarter is a hard thing to design for, since there isn't very much horizontal space, so to make the pictures big enough, we have to use a lot of vertical space. But then again, maybe they are a decent size. I've been trying really hard to look at this from the backer's perspective.

Would you appreciate more information/photos about Bulgaria/Bulgarian culture? Or was the short paragraph enough?


Ohhh, I like those. Specifically, the black and white ones.

No socks, right?


@iggz: The black & white is my favorite too!

Yup, no socks, although a colored sock adds a cool effect, especially with the black pair.


Looks good. I suggest adding a pronunciation key where you introduce the word, as all through the page I kept trying on different pronunciations, which was kind of fun but distracting. Boss? Boos? Bus? Bose? I'd like to try on a pair and see how they feel. I like the beige ones for what it's worth. I think I noticed a minor grammar issue:
"Synthetic material woven with cloth provide shape and comfort" should either be
"Synthetic materials woven with cloth provide shape and comfort" or
"Synthetic material woven with cloth provides shape and comfort"


@moondrake: Oh noes! The grammar police showed up! :)

Great catch! I'll update it as soon as I get a chance--I think I'll go with 'provides'.

It's a long o like the o in boat. And the s is an s sound. Bos. I'll have to think through how to incorporate a pronunciation guide. All the variations that we could come up with for mispronunciations luckily do not sound horrible! I've heard most people wanting to call them boss.



@luvche21: "BO-sssssss" ? ?? "Rhymes with TOE and SHOW, ends with ssssssss" ??

I dunno. I just listened to how it was pronounced in the video.


Found another typo... cenimeters should be centimeters. Looks good though. One question, what about width? (I know with being woven there should be some give on the sides.)


@msklzannie: Thanks, working on that typo now. The grammar police are on my side! :)

Yes, since they're woven, they will have some give. Although, in general, the wedge is pretty narrow, but I guess that's to be expected, being a wedge. The "Weave" collection is fairly wide though--I wouldn't say it's meant to be wide, but there is definitely enough room.


@nmchapma: Great! I can't wait to ship them out to you!