questionswhat the heck happened to the back-up drive for…


Welcome! Was it something that was offered yesterday during the woot-off? If it was here on deals then staff may have a removed it due to a problem.

A bit more about woot!

You might want to check out this page:
Here's a little information from that page:

I see some orange flashing lights on the main page – what do they mean?
In Woot-Off mode, a new product is launched immediately after the sellout of the previous deal. There is a half-Woot-life of 12 hours maximum on any product within a Woot-Off that does not sell out. The number of Woot-Off items, sequence, and quantity will not be announced.

This applies to Woot-Off items as well:
I missed yesterday's item, can I still get one?
No. Each product is discontinued at 11:59pm central time. That's that. Period. We may get more at a later date if we're lucky, but we offer no guarantees, we allow no backorders, and we have no waiting/notification lists. Too bad.


I really appreciate your reply. The item was a slim external backup drive that was compatible with Macs, for about $60, and was not in a woot-off. It was the deal of the day at about 5AM CDT this morning 4/29. I had to log out for a bit, and when I logged back on, the deal was (is) a laptop. I did read lots of the FAQ before posting. There was no flashing orange button, or any other kind of warning.

Waaaahhhh! I want it to come back!


@snoozin: You need to show us the link then, because that wasn't a woot deal, that I can see. Where did you see it?

If you ask nicely in a new question i bet some wooters can even find you something like it for a good deal.


@snoozin: Wow, thanks for reading the FAQ before posting. We see a lot of questions during woot offs that are already answered in the FAQ.

Ask another question starting with "Challenge:" and then include as many details as you can about the item that you want to buy (storage space, brand, new or refurbished, whatever). @hobbit was right, wooters will probably find more than one good deal on what you're looking for.


@snoozin: I have a feeling I know exactly what you are talking about, and it was on a different 'deal per day' site. Unsure if I am allowed to mention it here though.

Just some food for thought.


@kjvh2004: It was probably posted on the deals side so go ahead.


I saw it this morning..and was wishing I could afford it on
Still there till midnight Eastern Time.


Thank you to all who wrote to help me with the "deal" that disappeared" in the blink of an (my) eye"! I am a Woot neophyte. This was my first excursion into the labyrinth; I didn't realize I left Woot when I saw "deals.woot," and I didn't know how to get back to where the deal was. I didn't know it wasn't a Woot deal...sorry.

Thanks to those who let me know I wasn't just "seeing things," and that the "deal" really was somewhere, sometime that day!

My apologies if someone thought I was not being polite (not "asking nicely") in my post, as that was not my intention. As a new Wooter, I was also not aware that I could ask others for help in finding a similar or better(?!) deal.

Any advice for me on getting something similar (to the Toshiba external hard drive for $59.95 as described in Hobbit's post), both PC and Mac-compatible gratefully accepted. I'm not tech-savvy enough to know more about what we need; I just know we need a back up system, and that one "sounded" good.



@snoozin: If you really need a back up system we will be happy to find one. Some of the wooters enjoy the hunt. So you have a mac? anything else we need to know? @catbertthegreat and others are great at finding these things.