questionsis this a good basic gaming computer?


based on the reviews, it sounds like it is. check out the reviews and see if those are the types of games you play.


If you just want the games to run and aren't worried about cranking all the settings to max on the very newest games, I think you'd find it hard to pick a game that won't at least run well on this computer.

Sounds like a good budget system for games, for sure.


CS:Go, L4D, any MMORPG's that I pick up along the way. I used to play rift alot until my computer died out 2 years or so ago. I am not even sure what MMORPG games are big still. I heard d3 was a bust.


This will do you fine. You won't be getting 60 fps solid on whatever the most recent shooter that comes out on the Crytec 2 (or is it 3) engine with all settings maxed, but it will play the games that you want to very well.


I agree with everyone here, you will be fine. I have an ASUS gaming laptop that doesn't have half the specs of the one you are interested in and it runs most games just fine (WoW, SWTOR, CoD, etc). The major thing in a gaming rig is the GPU; as long as that is one of the good ones, you will be fine.


The elitist in me says,
"If you have to ask, the answer is no. I can't be bothered to look at your specs."

The realist says,
"I don't know. Does it play solitaire?"


Thanks all! Decided to pull the trigger on it. We will see how it works out


Good decision. The specs look good from here.