questionsto 3d or not to 3d? that is the question


I am not sure if I will ever really use the 3D, it seems gimmicky to me too. One school of though though is if you purchase a TV with 3D capabilities at least you have it. Just because the TV is 3D capable doesn't mean you HAVE to watch any programming in 3D. Might be nice for down the road to have the option.


Like any new trend, wait. Go ahead and pick up those 120-600mhz led/lcd/plasma monitors at a huge discount.


@funkadelic78: @xarous: Thanks, that is what I am thinking. But I thought I would throw this question out into the ether to see if someone knows something about the upcoming tech that I haven't read about.


I'd say no. At least not yet. From a quick, non-scientific check at, a 50" 3D TV is going to cost several hundred dollars more than a "regular" 1080p plasma from the same manufacturer and there's fewer choices. Unless you watch lots of movies, 3D offerings are really limited. I think DirectTV has 3 regular (non PPV) 3D channels (ESPN 3D and a couple special ones) and that's the most that anyone has.

If you're considering it, going to a store and testing it out should be mandatory. I have a friend who was planning on getting one, but got a headache almost instantly when watching it.


@mrzman: I hear a lot of people are getting headaches from the 3D.


@colonelpuffpuff: Exactly what I was going to say. 3D makes me ill but that I expected since I get woozy from any kind of motion ride or motion simulator. But my nieces and nephews, in their teens, also don't like 3D for the same reason, says it makes them ill, and they love rollercoasters.


@mrzman: 3-d tvs with 3-d dvd/bluray players can upscale normal 2-d movies to 3-d. So plenty of programing. Mind you it's not as good as a real 3-d movie in 3-d but eh still there. (See number 18.

Side note. I like 3-d tvs should it might be a gimmick but it's a gimmick I like and would use time to time depending on the show or movie. Horror, Action, some comedy, and a few other genres are great for this in my opinion.

About what @colonelpuffpuff said about people getting headaches from it. I've one friend that claims that he gets headaches from it. But I've never noticed anything not even a twinge. Maybe it's because I just don't sick from it or because I grew up watching 3-d things from the old red and blue glasses to going to Disney as a kid and seeing the honey i shrunk the kids ride.

Either way many best buys, Sams clubs, and other stores have test models to go try so give it a shot. See how it will work for your needs/wants/wishes/etc..


As has been said above, just wait atleast a couple years. I mean look how dirt cheap a dvd player is now when they were like $750 when they had originally come out. Only took a few years for the price to become a fraction it was originally.

Plus to be honest, it's probably a good idea to see what long term effect 3D TV use has on people's vision, might as well have the Jones' be the guinea pigs.


Hate running out of room for something so short..

My friend I was talking about only complained after watching long movies in 3-d most notably James Cameron's Avatar. So it might be that some people are just affected by 3-d if they watch it for long periods of time. Which in all honesty is probably a good thing.

Meaning if you watch tv so long your eyes hurt you should probably have gotten up awhile ago to walk around to take a break from it anyway. One thing I love about Bollywood they put intermissions in their movies ^^ Least for some can't say I've watched all of them yet lol.


I agree with the consensus to wait.

I'm a firm believer all the early adopters of 3D TVs will be regretting it when the first high quality glasses-free 3D sets hit the market in about 2 years.

Not to mention this is a great time to get a cheap standard HDTV.


3d is awesome!

except when viewed on any TV set, glasses or otherwise.

The awesome 3d i refer to is called the real world.. and I must say - the resolution, depth perception, and color vibrancy is amazing.

I use this 3d environment to play this amazing new MMO - its called "the outside"

Seriously though - are there no true innovations? Anyone else remember how ludicrous JAWS in 3d was? We haven't made any progress in watchability lol.

3d tech, for now, stinks. It simply isn't good. Many viewers get queasy or heachaches from it.. and those that are fine are treated to a psuedo 3d that is barely any better than an old school diorama or stereoscopic wedding pictures from the 1950's.

The problem is that its still 2 dimensional... just split up into a very SHORT DoF 3d plane, in layers. Glasses or not - that part of the tech won't change any time soon.. the next decade or more of 3d will be this type of stereoscopy... lame, boring, and I can't wait for this fad to go away.


Well I tried a Sony 3DTV a few months ago at their Manhattan location and after struggling with the glasses various buttons and switches for several minutes, I found the 3D effects to be kind of lame, and that was with footage specifically designed to show how "amazing" it was (like fish or balloons)

On a related note, this past week, I had a chance to try out the Nintendo 3DS this past week, and I felt the effects on that were far better than the TV I tried out.


I have recently purchased a 3DTV, i must say that i was in the market for a new TV and figured why NOT . . its was only a couple $100 more then the regular model and i got the Samsung starter kit for free (2 glasses active shutter & all 4 Shrek movies in 3d). The content looks AMAZING, stuff literally jumps out of the screen and it is in true HD 1080p, im honestly shocked it works as good as it does . . . On another note, if i wasn't upgrading i probably would have skipped the 3d, but as i said WHY NOT ? ? Also live action films (piranha 3d, Resident Evil Apocalypse) look incredible . . the sense of depth is crazy and the pop out is lots of fun . . . with the right sound you have a full in depth experience, nothing like i have ever felt before !


Thanks all! You have given me more to think about.


I just bought a Sony 3D TV and have to say that it is awesome. I think most people who are bashing it may feel sore for shelling out serious dough on a non 3D set, and now hate anything new that comes along after that. The content just simply looks amazing. If you are already on the market for a new TV, and can manage to get free accessories like a starter kit, then why not try something extraordinary? Disney is supposed to release approx. 15 3D blu-ray movies in 2011. And we all know what happens when Disney buys into a technology (see Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD). And if 3D does go the way of Laserdisc, at least you will have a high end TV set nonetheless.


As always, there is one very good reason to buy a new display tech. If you get a 3D set you are getting a very high quality television, regardless of whether or not you use the 3D aspect of it at all. On the other hand, even the pseudo-120Hz, LED, 1080p LCDs or the plasma screens are getting dirt cheap, even for high quality sets. I would look at it more as a question of whether you are willing to pay the premium for a high quality set with a gimmicky feature that you may or may not use, rather than basing your purchasing decision around the gimmicky feature itself.


3D is just one of those things that are expensive and just for show. The technology still has a ways to go, and the need for glasses is personally annoying. Buy a cheaper large screen tv and wait another 5 years until 3D has really matured. This will also give time for companies to find a 3D standard or have enough technology on the market to really determine pros and cons between each of them compared to price. Lastly, as with all technology, that expensive 3D tv you see now will cost half as much in 5 years (don't quote me exactly on that, but it will be cheaper over time).