questionsanyone know where to buy discount apple products?


@tbgolladay: Same answer here. I think most will come with a warranty equal to a new purchase. YMMV.


Check for some discounted options (all with contract most likely).

If a used is ok, Iphone I might try Craigslist, so that you can at least examine the phone, and call the carrier to check if the ESN is activaible. OTOH, Craigslist may be full of spam for IPhones. Usual Craigslist precautions apply of course.

Re ebay...if you find one sold by a seller with a 99% reputation or better, AND it's a seller located in the US, AND the seller has a history of selling higher-end electronics and has at least 50 sales, you are prob ok. The biggest risk on Ebay now is a sale from a hacked account. In many cases Ebay will stand behind the sale, you have to check with them for the details. Also if there are probs with an Ebay purchase, it can take time to sort it out.


Um no where. This is apple were talking about.


Really, @dogbountyhunter1 is correct. Part of being an Apple reseller is that you must agree to sell their products within a very, very narrow range of prices. No major discounts allowed: go too far off the reservation and you don't get to sell them anymore. As a result the prices you find (for new products, especially) don't vary much from place to place.

If you are looking to try and save some money, get a refurbished model from Apple. They are a bit less (but a bit more than getting a refub elsewhere). But, the quality of Apple refurbs is much better, and they come with the same warranty as new.


Thanks those are some really good sites. Refurbished honestly never crossed my mind! I am hoping to get my husband a new Ipad! He dropped his got stolen from his bag at work of all places


Also got the new Iphone I was looking for Saturday through a refurbished discount! I am so excited!! It is only a 4G but, I got a great deal and it looks like new online so we will see when it gets here!