questionsdid you know the mayan calendar ended october 28…


Poor Mayans....

Yes. It is called the LONG calendar. Silly people feel it portends the End of Days!


Do I know? No. Do I care? No. Ancient calendars are just that....ancient.


Wait, I missed the end of the world? I feel so cheated. Didn't get to have a big "The world is ending, let's eat as much chocolate and ice cream (and chocolate ice cream...and pie!) as we can and blow off going to the gym cause it's not going to matter tomorrow!" party.


Yeah, I knew, but as usual, no one pays attention.


@gt0163c: I had a party and everything. I was raptured, hung out with Jesus and he actually turned out to be a jerk. He kept sack-tapping everyone, so we left. I like it here more.


Which one? The Mayans actually used at least 3 calendars. The historical calendar, which is based on 144,000 day cycle, is the one that is supposedly coming to an end, or has come to an end. There are many theories on when this happened, or when it will happen. For whatever reason the mainstream decided December 12th, 2012. Are they right or wrong? I don't care, and no one should care. The cycle which is based on 144,000 days is simply restarting, not ending. Even if it was ending, I wouldn't put money on some ancient societies predictions, considering they couldn't even predict their own downfall. Just a bunch of hype used to scare the weak minded, and sucker them into spending money they don't have.


my calendar ended December 31st. nothing happened. The people at the calendar apparently decided not to end the world and started making .... drumroll... 2012 CALENDARS!!! WOW!


@eraten: actually, didn't the mayans predict their own downfall? Or was the Aztecs...?


I just can't get over how we discount (read: don't believe) absolutely everything about Mayan culture, but somehow people believe in a prophecy they didn't even have about their calendar. O.o


I don't what the day is using my own calendar.


@kamikazeken: The Mayans did perdict their downfall by the Spaniards, but they called them the Quetzalcoatl. Essentially the beginning and the end.

Quetzalcoatl are serpentesque gods.


The calendar on my wall ends on December 31st, does that mean the world will end then? If so, I have some massive credit card debt to rack up.