questionswhat tools do you use for deals?


When you are posting a deal and the website has ALL CAPS (how annoying is that!), you can fix your deal so you are not yelling. I go here:

After finding a reputable seller: when you are looking for an eBay deal, do a search on 10 available and check the box that says "Include Description". Most of the time it brings up that sellers items that have 10 or more available.


@faughtey: I just follow you around. When you find a site that has good stuff, then I steal it out from under you. Okay, maybe once or twice, when I just couldn't resist, or when I thought you weren't going to post the deal from that day.

Seriously, when someone like you (or @thunderthighs, or @smtatertot13...) posts things I like, I pay attention to what the sites are, and then I have places to go to when I feel like posting something. I've also mastered the art of searching, so as not to post something that others have already posted.


@faughtey: Someone from the Woot Community (and I can't recall who, yikes!) told me about (was it @lavikinga? @theoneill555? this is going to kill me...) I use it ALL the time now when I shop on Amazon. (maybe it was @hobbit...) They have tools for other sites also, but I use the Amazon one most often.

[edit] Found it! @anotherhiggins told me about it when I posted this awful grill "deal" a year ago!


Sadly I don't use any "tools" just random clicking, coffee, cursing, and occasional cheering.


Priceblink, an add-on for Firefox. It tells you if the item you're shopping for is cheaper somewhere else and also shows coupons available for the site you're on.


I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.


i use InvisibleHand (firefox addon), which i would never have found without @magic_cave ( it doesn't always work, and sometimes tries to work on non-shopping google searches, but overall it saves a huge number of clicks when shopping & price comparing.

also similar to @shrdlu, i love to discover new sites through the posts here. there are so many places to find great prices/cool items in the kitchen category (for example) and i've found almost all of my favorites from Deals.Woot! posts. (@shrdlu: thanks for making me feel special!)

i do skim one other deal site and post the occasional (or not-so-occasional) item from there. sometimes i'll jump on something i know the wooters will love, but often i'll wait til something's been on that site for 1/2 a day or more before posting it here - i want everyone to have the chance to cheat ;)


@perkalicious11: You rang?

Yeah, CCC is awesome. I use their addon, The Camelizer, in both Firefox and Chrome. I also use the Invisible Hand addon in FF & Chrome. Both were just recently updated to work with Firefox 4.

The following pages have download links to install the addons in either Firefox or Chrome. Maybe even IE.... Do people really still use that?

Invisible Hand:

A couple of years ago Amazon had a 30-day price protection policy. If you bought an item and the price dropped within 30 days, they'd refund the price difference. But they killed that policy.

And it's a real shame, because they left the crack-addled monkeys in charge of prices. Seriously, I've seen prices on Amazon fluctuate by upwards of 40% and then bounce back to where they started inside of 24 hours. So it's a good idea to check price history to see if you're getting a good price.


I use my brain and right hand. If it looks to good to be true, it normally is. I also use my experience, cheap doesn't always equate to a good deal. Comparitive shopping (in person) at bargain stores. I have numbers floating in my head all the time that tell me when something is a steal. I visit Ollie's Bargain Outlets a lot, if I can find it cheaper than them, then it is normally a steal.

I alos price compare at sams club. Sam's club prices vary from store to store, so I pricecheck online. I also always ask for 10% off, which makes some items a better deal than you will ever find posted. The worst they can say is no.


IRL (in real life) I use my Droid Incredible.

There are lots of barcode scanning apps. A few that come to mind that I've used are Google Shopper, Barcode Scanner, and Shop Savvy.

With either, you just use your phone's camera to scan the barcode on the item or shelf. The app does an internet search and returns the best prices it can find. Depending on the app, it might even include local merchants. Milo will actually tell you if a particular item is in stock at any stores near you.

Recently, I was about to buy some wiper blades at WalMart for nearly $20 EACH. I scanned the barcode, found the same ones for $25 FOR BOTH at Amazon. I had them ordered before I got out of the store. Saved $15+tax.