questionsdoes woot know what advertisments are shown on…


Probably WOOT doesn't know (or care) but the company responsible for serving up the advertisement knows. Every time you click on a WOOT link (product or question) this info gets attached to a cookie. And this information follows you everywhere on the web. Example, if you start searching for a vacation you will start to see that type of advertising everywhere. It's disturbing. And annoying.


@ohcheri: Nothing is more disturbing than seeing those types of ads popping up while browsing my personal Gmail. For instance when viewing a message from my realtor I'll see advertisements for mortgage companies, other realtors, etc.

Now I'm sure woot has some control over who's advertising, and what they're advertising. But they really won't care that much, considering they get paid everytime one of us clicks on an ad.


@eraten: I've seen some pretty racy ads, probably because of the deals post, so I'm thinking WOOT doesn't have a lot of control. Possibly they have something along the lines of G, PG, etc. and WOOT draws the line at R.

I think WOOT just has a contract with AdChoices and WOOT makes money even if we don't click on the ads. They make more when we click but they are getting paid just for allowing the ads on their site.


I turned on Tracking Protection in IE9 and blocked third-party Google site tracking and the ads are gone from the Woot sidebar. Goodbye forever crappy ads!


I am not being paranoid when I say do they know caffeineman clicked on the Ooma ad, so caffeineman is looking at Ooma, or has an Ooma phone, but I was thinking more realistic: user#1121154122 clicked on ad 6546515454846.

@eraten: I thought google stopped that because of paranoid user's, thinking google was reading their gmail.


Ad Block and Ghostery take care of most of the problems for me.


Yes and no, I would guess. Advertising tends to be done through partners, so Woot's partners have so many ads, most of which are targeted based on demographic. This is why you don't see any inappropriate ads, they're filtered out.

As to them knowing what ads are specifically being targeted to you, probably not. If you see anything you feel shouldn't be there, it'd be a good idea to contact Woot. Sometimes no-no ads manage to slip past the filters.

1. Yes, almost certainly
2. Possibly.
3. Probably not.