questionshas anyone shopped with


Hi there!
I'm planning to get a chair from them, they have pretty nice things.
Go for the bean bag, go!


I do a lot of shopping for home goods I have never heard of them. I have a lot of friends who do it professionally let me ask them. The West coast should be up soon and they can check out the website and see how it rates. I just did a cursory review of it and I get a kind of weird feeling, there is no physical address, nor is there an actual phone number to call that I could find. I am hesitant to buy from anyone who doesn't have either.


I tried looking at their page at work and our firewall actually blocked the page. The reason it gave was "porn." The fact that a big firewall company is grouping them with porn makes me question the legitimacy of the company.


@hobbit: It seems that they are more of a furniture broker than an actual retailer. Chatting with them now as to why their phone number isn't listed.

I just found it on the site. Front page to the right side of the page near the bottom under the Customer service section.


@halcyonnn: as far as I can tell, there is nothing pornographic about the site except for maybe the functionality of some of their furniture.


bottom right: phone numbers right there


@sgoman5674: I sense sock puppets here and elsewhere. How about you?


@hobbit: Interesting. Not often that this type just shows up, and asks if it's okay to mess with us. Perhaps they are confused as to the type of person that is generally the type to hang out in this neck of the woods.

Need coffee. NEED COFFEE. Back later, perhaps.

Oh, and folks? Please don't go to this site with Adobe Flash enabled.


@wootvan: Thanks. Informative. Say hello to our newest members daboovio and motek. Any more info on these folks?


@sgoman5674: Why not on the flash for that site? Because they have flash cookies, there are zero days out there for adobe flash right now, the site's hosted in Germany...

[Edit] I see now that there are already a few deals from there. I have the hate for flash cookies, and it's a strong hate. Unlike regular cookies, which even a fairly novice Windows user can find, and delete, flash cookies are hidden off inside a binary file that takes serious expertise to open up. Adobe is also not as good as some on making the effort to keep things cleaned up, and secure.


Please note that nearly everyone in the deal that was posted created an account on 2/3/2010. Gosh, I don't know. Could that be a coincidence? Pardon my cynicism, but I rather doubt it. It also makes a REALLY important point about Reputation, since by the mere action of FOUR votes, the person who posted this deal, and has done absolutely nothing else on the site, now has a reputation of 55/100. Seriously.

Ahem. I see a pasture, with a large bull, and plenty of round, brown objects.

[Edit] In addition, I note that the only other deal is posted by the only voting commenter, and that there are only two things voted on, or commented on.



@shrdlu: Nice catch.

Regarding reputation, while researching past leaderboard-related questions, I noticed, who has made just that one comment and has a rep of 81/100. An excellent vote-to-comment ratio to be sure!


Dear Wooters,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the previous posts on behalf of the team . As you know, we only started out business operations in the US last week. We did not expect the overwhelming traffic that we received from woot. Our interns, dabovioo and motek, decided that an undercover approach would be a good idea to generate even more traffic. This was a mistake and we are sorry.

We will refrain from any future posts but we hope that regular woot members might find a deal or two on our site in the future. We will contact woot soon to talk with them about sponsored deals.

In the mean time we have created a coupon code for woot users as a small token of our our appreciation. The code “woot-deals” is valid until the end of the month and will give you 10% off on your entire purchase.
We truly value your feedback and hope that you might become a customer in the future!

The fashion4home team


@fashion4home: Thank you for being honest with us regarding the two interns.

If there are any wooters out there who are interested in your deals, they will ask here or on your site.

We do appreciate honesty and straightforwardness from all retailers who post deals here.


@fashion4home: I see that you've now created a role account (which is what Woot Staff prefers, I recall), which you can use then for posting deals. Nothing wrong also with posting comments on your deals or other deals (or questions). Certainly nothing wrong with asking questions over here on Ask the Wooters either. We know stuff. Sometimes we're helpful, too.

One suggests that it seemed like there were MORE than two interns involved in this, but I'm of a mind to let it ride. I personally appreciate your coming back, and responding to us. I admit that, with furniture, it's always going to be a "if I can't touch it, I don't want it" kind of thing, but there are plenty of others who may be excited by this.

There's no reason also that your young folks can't hang out, comment, and so on, as long as they remember that some of us are going to notice stuff very quickly. It's an interesting site, and educational.

Thanks again.


@sgoman5674, @shrdlu:

Thank you for the great advise. We explained the interns the proper etiquette and encouraged them to learn, use the forum for proper questions, and to post deals that they find while exploring the web.

Thank you so much for helping us understand the woot community.


@fashion4home: Aw, you came back and said thank you. That means more than you might think. Thank you right back, and you're welcome.


This is one terrible company. Really bad customer service. My order went bad (lost the item), couldn't re-order. The worst thing was that they never once called me to explain the situation. They were very rude and did nothing to rectify the situation.