questionschallenge: wooden hangers


I like the Cherry finish on the ones @hobbit found. If you're going for a natural finish, Ikea has them for a tad cheaper: 50 cents apiece ($3.99 for 8)

Unfortunately, they are only available in-store; no online orders.

They also come in a stained version (but lighter than the Target ones) for $0.50 more per 8 pack:


Wow, thanks to both of you. I had found but couldn't convince my husband to spend $3-$4 each for the hangers. Actually, I couldn't convince myself to do that either.

I like the Ikea ones and there is an Ikea about 1/2 hour from my house. Will drive down there Saturday and check them out.

Thanks again.


I usually get them at BB&B, which has them in packages of 50 or better. I hate going in to Target; too many screaming children, especially this time of year. I have special hangers for suit coats, and nice ones with the clothespin things for skirts. I <3 wooden hangers.

[Edit] Please also check out BB&B before getting the Ikea ones, so that you'll have two kinds to compare. In my very best Joan Crawford/Faye Dunaway voice: "No Wire Hangers!!!"


I love wooden hangers too, but my closets are tiny the joy mangano ones take up less space. It is like having a wooden hanger with out the bulk.


Here's a vote for the Target ones... although I always go into the store to pick them. I have the lighter colored wooden ones (which match my closet better -- I can't believe I cared), but you have to make sure you get the right ones since some of them have a really crappy look to them, while others don't.

(I'm not sure what the crappy look is -- it reminds me of reconstituted wood instead of natural wood grain.)


This isn't what you asked for, but I stocked my wife's closet with these for skirts:

though I could have sworn they were $.50 a piece when I bought them. My reasoning was that they lifted everything up a few inches, creating space underneath for shoe racks.

As a general rule, having a closet full of the same kind of hanger (preferably wood) looks a lot nicer than having a random assortment. So, buy a few more than you need so that you can supplement or replace as needed without having to track the same ones down again.


I saw them at Lowes the other day.


We got ours here:
They come out to less than a dollar each and they are very nice and strong wood. I think we used a coupon code and saved like 20% but sorry I can't remember what it was.