questionswhat do you feel is more important: brand or raw…


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So again I ask - what do you feel is more important: Brand or raw sales?

I've been involved in running several successful businesses, though I've never had any formal business training - just school of life, mentoring from other successful business people and self-study so I'm genuinely curious what others think - especially the perspective of those who HAVE had business school training.

I remember at one business, whenever I had reps come back happy about landing some massive new client I would always cringe and they'd hear my opinion on big clients..

For me, I'd rather have 4 new small accounts than 1 new huge account. Giant accounts usually have no loyalty. Someone else comes along 5 cents per unit cheaper and they are out the door. Smaller accounts tend to be more loyal and almost always end up long term spending more, being more flexible and easier to manage.

More often than not, within a year they'd come back and tell me I was right too :)


I vote brand, but the vote that counts is the one that belongs to the guy with the light sabre.


Brand or raw sales? Which matters to me the most? Probably brand, with caveats. As a buyer/consumer I don't care a lot about raw sales. Because a product sells in high numbers does not mean it's the product I want. Also, it doesn't tell me it's a reliable/desirable product.

The brand, per se, doesn't carry a lot of weight either. Nor does it indicate it's a good product simply because of it's name. A lot depends on my immediate needs/wants. I do give some credence to reviews of a product. Always taken w/a grain of salt.

TL/DR As a consumer neither one outranks the other. If I had to choose one it would be brand.


As a buyer - brand
As a seller - SALES trumps (profit, more so).