questionsis this a good deal? hdmi cable


if you don't need a 6ft cable, you can routinely find 3 ft cables for around $1.


Agree with previous poster. I have several cables that were less than $1.00 and they work perfectly. Go over to and set a deal alert for HDMI cable. When one is posted, you will receive and email.

Here's one posted a few days ago... 10 feet for $2.66 {Link to HDMI]{


Something didn't work right with my link. I'll try again link to HDMI

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Also try They have cable as short as 1.5 feet and have been recommended on Woot before.


Start with

The basic demarcation point as to how much to spend on an HDMI cable depends on your electronics, and their propensity have issues with HDCP, which is HDMI's copy-protection schema.

My Monoprice cables worked just great up until I bought a home theater receiver. Suddenly my Blu-ray player stopped playing well with others, and my receiver would just flash HDCP errors at me all day long.

I tried 6 different types of HDMI cables (Some from Monoprice, some not), and even a new Blu-Ray player. Eventually I ordered new HDMI cables from and my HDCP issues went away instantly.

You'd think "digital is digital" but the truth is, signal skews within a medium. If it skews too much, it becomes unusable.

(Note: These issues were with 6' HDMI cables...)