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go to Trader Joe's and stock up on frozen food. it was a lifesaver for us for the first month or so until we got a good routine down. or, enlist your family and friends to bring you meals.

oh...i also recommend those sunshade things for your car.

edit: forgot to say congrats!!


Congrats. Enjoy it, don't sweat the little things and get all the rest you can now, you're going to need it.


My baby girl is 7 months. Good luck!

I literally have no advice for you at all except never say "never." Be open to what you need to do to survive. The biggest thing my wife and I were not going to do was let our daughter sleep in bed with us. She slept in bed for us for about 3 months.

And if I could only buy a single thing, I'd buy these: Expensive as all hell but we used them constantly and still do occassionally, except we don't swaddle her any more.


Sorry was on my wife's account lol...

@carl669: ahh yes I forgot to mention in the post, we did buy 2 of the suction cup shades (1 for each back window).

and Trader Joe's is awesome!

@kylemittskus: wow $45.. so these arent just gimmicky? they actually work? (ie feel soft and get better?)


Sleep in any chance you get now. You won't get to for a solid 20 years.


@devexityspace: We have like 15. You don't need 15, but at least 6. Seriosuly worth the $$. And they're super soft. And they're breathable. Great for swaddling, covering the car seat to protect from the sun, light blanket, burp rag, and on and on. Buy them!!! Throw up when you spend $100 on 6 blankets, but buy them.


Congratulations! About swaddling, some babies love it, some hate it like mine did.

- Don't go nuts on the baby clothes because they'll grow out of it so fast. Our 4-month (as of today) spent most of his life in a long sleeve and long legged onesies but he was born during fall/winter.
- Enfamil formula is probably the best and most expensive out there. He's and my niece were fed on it (when not being breastfed) and he's growing like a weed. Sign up at Enfamil and Similac and they'll send you free samples.
- Get a bottle sterilizer. It's a life and time saver! We have the Phillips 3-in-1 that goes for $50 on Amazon. Add some water, put the bottles and nipples in, push the start button and it heats the water to steam which will kill most germs and bacteria in a few minutes.
- Costco diapers though our Costco doesn't carry newborn sizes.

I'm also taking monthly photos (full face portraits) so I can later create a flip-book or animation of him growing up.



Ya we have only spent about $35 on clothes and are pretty much set from Infant to 6 months atm. My sister and best friend both had a baby girl 3 and 6 months back, so we are getting hand-me-downs like crazy.. So we splurged on a Disney Minnie Mouse take-home outfit and a few other sleepers.

The formula we do have has all been free samples so far (We honestly hope we dont need to use it, but its nice to have them as an option).. Of all the formula samples we have received, 2 of them were filled with trans fats etc.. but the ones we actually kept looked healthy.

Will have to check out that bottle sterilizer if we end up using bottles a lot.

We currently have the "recommended" amount of Newborn, 1s & 2s for diapers. We had friends/family go set up a baby registry to each get $10 gift cards from Toys R Us, so we ended up with $60, plus we put it on a rewards card to get 10% off additional, and then waited for a sale. :D

Although we do have Costco/Sams memberships


Go to sleep within five minutes of reading this. Take drugs if necessary. Try not to wake till your wife -- with appropriate urgency -- tells you to wake up now!!

This is the last good sleep you'll get for 2-6 months. Do it now.

And congratulations! We want pictures!


@kylemittskus: When my son was born in [cough] 1970, we had very light weight blankets called "receiving blankets," that were a staple item for newborn wardrobes. Come to think of it, I wrapped my son in a couple of receiving blankets in which my mother had wrapped me.

I think they've since morphed into swaddling blankets, which makes sense since my mom taught me to use one to wrap him very snugly if/when he seemed very restless or unsettled. Worked like a charm for him, although I'd never heard of swaddling till then and have heard little of it until just a few years ago.

Kind of nice to know we're all part of that great parenting circle of life and advice, kumbaya and all that!


Baby Bjorn.
As large as humanly possible bottle of hand sanitizer (probably need to go to the aforementioned Costco to find it).

Try to avoid sleep supplements and other things that affect your awareness. It's going to be very rough, but you have to be ready 24/7.

Good luck and congratulations and good luck once more.


@first2summit: That's so true about outgrowing the clothes. Our son wore premie stuff when he was born, and within the first month was wearing 3-6 mos. By the time he was 9 months old, he was wearing 18 month clothing.

He's 5 now but he wears a size 2 shoe, a size 8 shirt and size 7 pants. We wised up though and stopped buying stuff unless he needed it then and there.

We had boxes and boxes of clothes at a yard sale a few years ago and being that most of it looked new, did quite well.


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Vitamin E oil for slathering the butt during the first few days. Will keep the cement-glue meconium from sticking.

Get a side-to-side rocking swing. Life saver!

And if you're serious about nursing do not buy formula "just in case". Don't give yourself the out before you even try. Establishing nursing can be frustrating for mother and baby, but totally worth it. But in those moments of frustration, pain and tears (just being real), thinking of that formula in the kitchen is NOT what you need to succeed.

Take lots of pictures.


@bnbsouthworth: Well we didn't buy the formula.. they were free samples. :D

We were going to buy a swing, but both my sisters and friends babies used theirs for about 2 weeks and then started to hate it. I couldnt justify spending $140 on a swing that may not get used, so we got the alternative which was a small bassinet that has 9 different sounds/music & light vibrating w/ overhead mobile.. And it was only $30 after 20% off coupon

Definitely going to be taking a lot of pictures for the Baby book we got and Family/Friends

PS: What is meconium?


nm googled meconium... gross lol


Best advice I can offer is be flexible on the next couple weeks (on both sides of the delivery date). My wife and I went in expecting a natural delivery, then were told to come in at 3am for induction, and ended up with a C-section.

The important bit is that we have a health happy boy. He's now a toddler. While we were stressed out over all sorts of little things in those few weeks and frankly can't remember at this point what they even were. It's too easy to get all tangled up in things that seem monumental at the time but really are trivial in the long-term.

Enjoy the big things, don't fret over the rest. The important bit is that the child is OK.


Enjoy this time. They become teenagers way to fast and know everything.


Name your baby with a common first name but You can get creative with the middle name.


Where oh where to start?!

Between what you already have and what Wootizens have suggested, you have just about all items covered for your first month or so. Getting lots of sleep NOW has already been suggested and that's great advice.

Give yourselves some slack. You will make mistakes. Everyone does. The baby will be fine, anyway.

Enjoy every minute. Way too soon she will be talking back and you will be longing for the days when she only babbled.

Your mothers will give you lots of advice (as will your Woot friends). Most of it will be good. Not all. Don't worry about it.

Girls are tougher than boys. Sorry, but it's true. When you have a boy you worry about your boy. When you have a girl, you worry about ALL the boys. Welcome to my world.

And most important, post pix to DW for us. I love babies. Love 'em! Mine are "grown" but there are no grandbabies in my future. I need to enjoy babies vicariously.

Congratulations and good luck! Happy baby!!!


Gosh, I think it's more important to point out the things you don't need.

1) Bottle sterilizer. Sounds great- who likes germs? But food itself isn't sterile. Most doctors don't suggest a sterilizer unless you have an NICU baby.

2) Lots of clothes. Yeah, s/he'll go through a ton, but I assure you, no matter how much clothes you buy, you will be doing laundry every two days anyway. You need about 6 outfits IMO.

3) I dunno about the bumbo. I bought one one woot but the baby only uses it for a couple months. Not sure its worth the price.

But most, you will need social support from other new parents who are going through what you are. Babies are difficult, and having a child is one of the most isolating things that happens to a couple. You and your wife might have to relearn how to live with each other with your new roommate, and redistribute household work, etc. You may even disagree with how to raise your child. Just try to be patient, strong, and remember, newborns aren't forever!


Are you packed for the hospital?

Some of my friends have been taking pictures of their kid with a particular object (birth, monthly for the first year, then yearly) and it's really fun to see a baby half the size of a stuffed bunny turn into a child three times the size of the bunny! If I ever have kids, it's something I'd like to do, but it requires a bit of planning if you want the pictures to start on Day 0.

Good luck to all three of you. Your DW family is cheering for you!



As a new father (3 weeks), this is still fresh to me. Luckily, we had a natural birth and he's been a healthy breastfed baby boy.

1) You two should make a birth plan, print it and give it to your nurses/doctors when you go to the hospital. Discuss the benefits and risks to your wife and baby together.
2) She'll need to be taken to the hospital when her contractions are 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute for 1 hour (511). Keep track of them. If her water breaks (uncommon, <10%), then she'll need to go to the hospital ASAP.
3) Plan ahead and know where and how long it takes to get to the hospital from home and from work.
4) Be supportive, but make sure to take care of yourself too...that means eating right or you could pass out in all the excitement. Don't say anything you'll regret.
5) If you guys find that you don't like your attending nurse, ask for a different one, you should be comfortable with those around you.
6) Be sure to stay hydrated, both of you.


Be supportive of your wife and newest family member.

Every baby is different, don't be surprised if advice others willingly give you...even from professionals, doesn't work for you when you need it...especially when you're trying to calm your baby.

Babies will cry, sometimes for absolutely no reason at all and there will be times when you just won't be able to get them to stop, it happens, you guys aren't parental failures, babies cry, it'll be okay.

It's okay to swaddle and put your baby in the crib (face up) and walk away if you need a moment to collect yourself.

It's likely going to be difficult and you both won't be getting much sleep at all. Try and take turns watching your baby. A little sleep will go a long way for your mental health.

Be on the lookout for signs of depression from your wife, it's common and if you notice it, seek help from your health care provider immediately. It can get worse.

There's more, but I think 2 posts are enough from me for now.


Breathe.....hooo, hooo, hooo, heee!


Bring a notebook. Write things down as they happen.

You'll need it later when your wife claims she never said/did that.


when contractions start for real i.e. timed in a repeating pattern and getting harder and closer together. Wait until they are spaced apart 5 minutes (or whatever your doc recommends). don't go to the hospital any sooner as labor can be long and your wife and you will be more comfortable at home until you have to go to the hospital. If the contractions are mild enough your wife can rest through them or even sleep she should.

Listen to family and friends advice but most importantly, listen to yourself and trust in your parenting ability.

Advice on co-sleeping...don't do it. Babies have suffocated in beds with their parents. If you have to have the baby sleeping right next to you there are bedcribs like these that are much safer than cosleeping.


Congrats. I always had a ton of receiving blankets and cloth diapers upstairs, downstairs, and in the car. The diapers are super absorbent and can clean up most spills, spit ups, oh my holy heck what is that and where did it come froms. Both of my kids slept better when their feet were covered so socks were always a must for us. put them on under the jammies. Babies don't spoil. Hug on her, snuggle her, let her do what works for you. The first 6 weeks are the hardest-until she turns 12 and then it's the next 11 years. Be in the moment. Don't keep thinking oh won't it be great when she can... It's great now. Live in it.


Congratulations! Exciting time for sure. My son is 3 now and one of the best things we were given as a gift was this.

Those bulb things are worthless and this thing will clean out a shnocker like nobody's business. We still use it because little man doesn't have much force behind his nose blowing.


Congrats! Sounds like you are pretty much all set. Will add a couple things others have not mentioned:

* Different diapers fit different baby butts. For my girls, Pampers were great, but Huggies -> poop up the back (you will experience this). For our friends, any old brand was fine. Don't be afraid to try different brands until you find one that fits. When you find it, stick with it!

* Amazon Mom - sign up, get a price break, get free prime if you order diapers. Once you get settled on diapers, and get a sense of what you need, they deliver like clockwork. Price is competitive with big box, plus delivery!

* Baby laundry detergent - don't bother. Just dye & perfume free detergent works fine.

* Babies are very durable. We were paranoid with our first, as she was a premie and spent 2 wks in NICU. Everyone had to sanitize, etc. By the time the second was born, much more relaxed.

* Dads can get post-partum depression too.


Oh, I just thought of another one! Advice from my mother, which turned out to be really good: Buy the best children's shoes you can afford and the cheapest "dress-up" shoes you can find. They outgrow shoes so fast (17 days, give or take) that spending money on dress shoes that seldom get worn is silly.

Of course, this was back in the day when no one made adorable little sneakers and when Buster Brown shoes, a great brand at the time, were about $12. My kid wore the same little buckle-on style for five years; broke my heart when he grew out of the style completely.


@devexityspace: "nm googled meconium. .. gross lol"

Don't google so much. You're about to discover a whole new world of grossness, and it's probably best not to spook yourselves ahead of time. Just wait till you change a poopy diaper and realize you can tell the baby's not feeling well because the poopy is a slightly different color than usual. Or when you just daub the spit-up off your shirt and don't bother changing because it was just a little it of spit-up.

Life as you know it is changing, mostly for the better. Except for the no-sleeping part.


@sykotek: Oh, WOW! Congratulations! Got any pictures? All I have so far [heavy sigh] is a granddog, so as @belyndag commented, I need a baby-fix from somewhere else!


@75grandville: Good stuff. And since @devexityspace is obviously a deal hunter (he's here, after all!) check to see if Huggies or Pampers, baby wipes or any other product you regularly use gives you points for each purchase. We got all sorts of really great things for our kiddos with product points including a miniature director's chair with our son's name stitched across the back, and a personalized book.

As @magic cave wrote, prepare yourself for an entire new world of grossness. Corn doesn't always digest completely. Just sayin'. Secretions seem to come from every orifice, sometimes all at once. Amazingly, little ones can projectile vomit distances that Linda Blair would envy, then smile happily at you as if nothing had happened. You eventually become immune to it all, nearly. Friends sitting near me at a dinner party once started sniffing loudly. Turns out I had a smear of something on my shirt, right under one breast where I couldn't see it. Urgh!


@belyndag: @devexityspace:

Re: An entire new world of grossness. One of my brother-in-law's best lines (uttered after changing his daughter):

"Butt to wall - six feet! I couldn't believe it!"


@bsmith1: Why the hell are you advising them to read up on safe haven laws?


@anoted: For jokes. Lighten up, giggles.

When people ask if we're ready for the baby, I say. "Sure, but we can always return it to the hospital/fire department if it doesn't work out."


@bsmith1: I like to think of myself as fairly light. Your quote is funny, it's just that your earlier comment suffers a bit from being Not Obviously Funny, which never works well on forums where People Are Assholes.
I'd rather assume people are being funny instead of terrible human beings, but it's so often the later that I guess I'm rather jaded.


@75grandville: One of my family-of-birth's favorite stories was of my career-navy dad coming home at lunch to change into his dress whites, picking the infant-me up for a kiss, and getting poopy-diaper leakage down both his wrists right to the elbows. All over his only dress-white shirt. An hour before official military inspection by some visiting poobah. In a house with a washer but no dryer.

Sixty-five years later that one still gets retold at gatherings.


@anoted: Roger that, sorry. Should have put a winky face after it. I was curious if anyone would actually read or click the link. My attempt at making a covert joke failed.
Yeah, people get real upset after I mention dropping the baby off...people are too serious. For the record, I do think the Safe Haven laws are great. In a situation where the parents are negligent and really don't want the child, it's a great option for both them and the baby.


@jmattoon: I am not sure I could possibly suck on a tube to get snot out, that's a bit beyond me..

@hessem: That is really cool, we basically did the same thing but at 1/4 of the cost (the smaller crib is up against the bed and slightly modified for a similar use.


Congrats! I'll second that you should pack for the hospital if you haven't already. Normally, around my birthday, the weather in my area is very warm, and it was that way when my mother went into labor. Weirdly enough, while my parents were in hospital, the weather changed, it got bitterly cold, and snowed. So my parents were stuck taking home an infant, in the snow, all three dressed for much warmer weather. Moral of the story, pack a sweater.


@jaxiechick10: Ya we have both a small suitcase packed with 3 set of clothes for the baby (2 backups essentially), also some snacks for my wife during labor and the diaper bag of course.

Also have the car seat installed already with the shades set-up, mirrors-set up and it is a bit cold here in Ohio where seasons are just make-believe ideas, so we have a good breathable carrier-overthrow for getting the baby from the hospital to the car without her freezing..


Congratulations. Remember to pause to breathe occasionally. And stretch.


You need a Miracle Blanket. Seriously. It's the only way you'll get any sleep for the next few months. It's a tiny bit pricey - but if it works, it's worth ten times the price and if it doesn't then they'll give you your money back. But I've never heard of it not working. It's freaking incredible.

I buy them for baby shower gifts for EVERY baby whose shower I end up buying gifts for.

(After posting this I double-checked their site about the money-back guarantee because I wanted to be sure I wasn't misstating that part. It says that they'll refund it even if it's used or damaged or run through a paper shredder! I've never heard of a guarantee that strong before on anything, much less on baby stuff. An awesome guarantee on an awesome swaddler. It's risk-free. Trust me. Get it.)