questionswhen is a deal not a deal?


Wow, that is a pretty amazing thing, especially with it being the weekend. I will follow your lead and be encouraged by this development. Heck, if all the spam starts to disappear, I might actually look at the deals side again every once in a while.


Are you sure you didn't dream this?


@barnabee: Not a dream. I saw it, too. Agree, it was so nice to see someone on staff here on the week-end. AND posting on the errant listing exactly what was wrong.

But, you know, that's as it should be. Funny how we (yup, me, too) are impressed w/what is normal good monitoring.


@gmwhit: Well, this IS good news. But I'm afraid that this diligent employee might get fired.


@barnabee: I have a screen print of it [chortle].


I think I've seen it done before but certainly not in the last two years. Taking this as a good sign...


Faith in humanity: Restored.


@ewaldjw: well, I wouldn't go that far. There's a certain New England store which has a bad habit of daily posting non-deals. Every once in awhile they will post something which is actually on sale on their site, but even the sale price is over-inflated. They've been called on it before by community members, but the advertising remains.


@lavikinga: Yep. Let us hope that nondeals that get tattled will now be treated as the FAQ indicates.


@nmchapma: If you're serious, I'll be glad to send you the screen print; just give a PM link.