questionsis it possible to upgrade the memory capacity in…


Nope. Not unless you count cloud storage.


or those Wi-drives are kinda sexy, and are portable & rechargeable. It's not like adding RAM or a new HD, but still kinda cool. You could tape one to the back of your ipad ;)


I've found the more I use the cloud for storage (like iTunes Match for my music), the less sense it makes for me to get a mobile device with max storage. I went from having my iPad FULL with only a fraction of my music library on it, to now only using 1/4 of the available storage - and having my complete iTunes library on it. iTunes Match is definitely worth it in that regard.


Actually you can.

There is a USB adaptor available for the iPad (I got one from a deal posted here for about $3.... I'll see if I can find it and post a link, though it may no longer be available).

Caveats: it may not work with the USB flash drive, or whatever that you want to use unless you use a powered hub. (Earlier releases of iOS did not care how much power the USB device drew; at some point, iOS started severely limiting the power provided to the USB, supposedly to save battery life.) I had an 8GB USB flash that worked fine, a 16 that did and various 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB ones that didn't work.

The site no longer exists, but here is the deal: (which I will now tattle).


Realistically, while their are 'external' options to expand your storage, the best way to remedy this is backup the ipad, sell it, and purchase a new one with the memory capacity you are after.

If you're willing to spend the money, you may as well get a proper upgrade.


I love the Icloud! My Ipad2 went missing over New Year's weekend. I searched all over the place and assumed it had been mixed with newspapers and thrown out in recycling. At my daughter's suggestion (I would not have even known about it, because when searcing at apple about a lost or stolen ipad, the advice is to call the police, which I did not want to do), I went to the icloud, signed into my account, and clicked on find my Ipod/Pad. It showed me (not precisely of course) a satellite image of my home with the Ipad in it. But, I had looked everywhere! There is (as I am sure most everyone here knows) a provision to send a sound - loud and continuous - and sure enough, I found it. It was in a hamper in the laundry room. Now, don't ask me how it got there!!


Another +1 for cloud / network storage. At home all my movies/music/photos are on my media server mac mini that I can access via ipad to interface with apple tv and airtunes. On the go, the icloud service lets me access several hundred gbs of my music that I wouldn't be able to store locally on the 16 gb iphone. It was an adjustment to change over from the "I want everything I own to have at least a terabyte of storage" mindset to keeping things on the network, but now that it's said and done I like it.