questionshow fast does woot ship?


Once I received something from Woot in just a few days - but that was a special offer they made at Xmas time. It seems most everything else takes 10 to 14 days. The last two things to arrive here (SmartPost) came 10 and 12 days after I ordered them. The last thing that came FedEx arrived in 6 days. Check under your "My Account" section and click on the item you ordered. Lately Woot has been posting tracking numbers there once the order has shipped. Your distance from Texas has an impact - I'm in Seattle.


6 or 7 years from now you should be able to use it.


@nortonsark: They actually just sent me a tracking number! There's no info on it, but it's something..


woot! ships within five business days (my last purchase was actually processed over the weekend, wtg woot!).

A better question is "how [quickly|slowly] will SmartPost move my package along the most circuitous route they can find?"


Woot tends to ship out quickly, but Smartpost takes it's sweet time to get it to you. I generally wait 2-4 weeks.


Ships in 4 to 5 days? Ahhh...not. Experience delays? Ahhhh...yes. Worth the l.o.n.g wait...yes. I will NOT mention wine.woot that also says will ship w/i 5 days. Not gonna mention that. Nope. Just remember patience is a virtue. Best of luck!! ;-)


It varies. Oh BOY. Does.. It.. Vary..

Some stuff will take awhile to process AND ship. Some things process fast AND ship fast. Plus any combination of fast & slow in between.

My "blankets with sleeves" were ordered like 10 days ago and I still don't have 'em (they took 4-ish days to process)

ON THE OTHER HAND.. The Leatherman's I just ordered were processed in a few HOURS - ON THE WEEKEND.


The majority of my experience has come from their shirt shipments from shirt.woot. They're always very consistent about getting em out within a few days. The smart shipping then takes from 5 - 10 days, with very few variations. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with it :)


@drchops: I ordered the "slankets" as my kids call them last year when woot had them coupled with some funky book lights. You will truly be underwhelmed by them :) In truth, I gave my Dad the camo version to use up at camp and he's actually gotten quite a bit of use out of it. Hate the fact that any bit of rough skin on ones hands catches on the fabric and that the thing can't be folded worth a damn, but other than that, it was worth the $2.99.

And how fast does woot ship? Not very. I usually have forgotten what I've ordered when it shows up on my doorstep. I like to surprise myself (or worry myself..."Oh, crap. What did I buy now?"...depends on your viewpoint).


We're lucky - we're about fifteen minutes away from WootHQ (Carrollton), we get about 95% of our items in hand within five business days.


@drchops: For comparison's sake, I've had my three 'blankets with sleeves' in my closet Christmas pile for about a week now.


Woot ships fast. sometimes the shipping company takes their sweet time getting it here


I live just a few miles from Carrolton so I usually get my stuff in a week or less.

And somehow I almost always get the package before the tracking number email. smartpost > email ??


I think if you purchased something during a Woot-off the tubes in the woot distribution center get clogged up more often because of the increase in orders... Then again they could just need an upgrade in their Fluw Capacitor.