questionsfun: screaming monkey shaming


I just pulled the battery tab on my monkey for the first time today. What causes it to scream? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. It seems to scream only when it hits the wall and never in flight.

Also, how do you replace the battery?


@cengland0: It screams on impact. If you smack it hard enough, it will scream. 0_o

The only way I know to replace the battery is surgically.


Thanks for the site. Some funny stuff there.


"I tried to get up to where the cat was... :( "

(Sorry, couldn't find a Sharpie that wasn't dried out.)


Attempt Number 4.

Ha figured it out :)
Sign reads: We Are a Paratrooper Army


@baqui63: Were you in my house? That sure looks like the adventures my monkeys have compliments of my husband. I swear half the stuff I buy turns into cat toys one way or another :)


@darkone01: I picked up a couple of the parachuting ones from a different retailer, and gave them woot capes, mine are REAL parachuters now!


The sign is glared out a bit, but it says "I pull my sister's tail."

BTW, this is my rescue kitten, Camry. We got help in naming her from my Woot friends!


I wanted to take a picture of my monkeys at my desk but I think the students will think I'm a little weird taking pictures of monkeys in the library. My monkeys do like to scream in here though!


@conanthelibrarian: They'd probably come up with some good notes for you to use. Besides, it's Friday. Let 'em have some fun.


Super-Monkey likes super food :)



I hope not, though I did black out for a while...

Yeah... pretty much anything and everything can be a cat toy. Especially if it will hold catnip.



I remember that thread. Camry is cute.

Diva, one of my rescues is visible behind the monkey in my photo above...


My girlfriend LOVES monkeys! I'll have to tell her about this so she can get creative with her screaming Santa monkey that I got her a few Christmases ago.


Sadly, no post-it from me - every time the dog burps I hear a screaming sound.


Dang it, somehow I down voted this and didn't notice, I meant to up vote and now it's too late...


@miyoshinum5: I upvoted every post above this one, just for you. :)


@thunderthighs: Probably the same evil monkey that changes "their" to "there" in MY posts! Or maybe his cousin!