questionshas anyone played dark souls?


Is this the rogue-like super hard game?


Without blitzing through it, I have spent 70+ hours on it already. I have spent several hours leveling up and upgrading my weapons. It is nice having someone from the online community drop by to help out with the boss fights but you can also be invaded by the online community that will try to kill you so that they can boost their stats. My younger brother likes it but likes Demon's Souls way better.


Yea, I've played it, and it's a fun, time consuming game. It's the kind of game that requires playing it a lot to learn attack patterns and enemy positions, and rewards you for that. Meaning, it's possible for someone who doesn't know what they're doing to get killed by intro level enemies with a pretty strong character, but also possible for an experienced player to take out enemies much stronger than he. Essentially, it rewards skill and tactics and makes it virtually impossible to button mash. I'm still a bigger fan of demon's souls for some reason, but this game is really much of the same, which is a good thing. Takes getting used to, and you'd better like dying a lot, and often times losing progress in the meantime. However, you won't often keep making the same mistake.


I'd recommend playing a couple minutes of demon's souls on a friends ps3 beforehand, as there is no real way to make the controls TRULY lefty. Your left hand weapon is the only one that can guard, and your right hand one is the only one that you can double hand.