questionsdo you think you miss more at night or in the…


at night. because the freaks come out at night. at least, that's what the song says.


Me too, though when the need arises I have no problem getting up and functioning early...even VERY early.


Night is relative on the internet. It's evening in Europe now, there's probably more people online now there. In a few hours, they'll start going to bed and it'll pick up here. Then, we'll hit the hay and Australia/Asia will pick up the slack, and then it will all start over.

Cool stuff happens (and is posted online) all day every day. Just look at 4chan and reddit. Actually, just look at reddit.


I am wondering what your definitions of "night" and "early morning" are. In my thinking, you miss more in the early morning because I consider that time to be between midnight and 6 AM.