questionsdo you use the digital movie copies that come…


I think I did one just to see what it was and then never again. That might change when I get my new refurbed 32GB HP TouchPad that I got on Woot! last month set up.

(I'm like a little kid with that thing, I wanted one for so long! Thanks, again, Woot!)


Never bothered with them myself, I assume they probably have some horrible DRM, require software installation, or other hoops to jump through that just aren't worth the hassle if you just want to watch a movie you already bought in another format anyway.


I use them when I travel. I load them onto my computer.


Yep. They go on the idevices for when we travel. I really like having the digital copies.


nope its too much of a pain.


Digital copies are a lot like clam-shell packaging - mostly not worth the trouble. It's all for the convenience of the retailer and manufacturer, and just a pain in the butt for the consumer, who is actually the one legally purchasing the item. The people who want the protection get the easy part, and those of us who buy the things get the hassle. No thanks!


+1 to the "waste of time" responses.

Far easier to just download your own copy... which can end up being better quality and far more easier to use.

It's a good step, but movie companies just can't let go of their need for control.