questionshas anyone tried herbalife or any other nutrition…


Nope. I do know that the FDA is finally cracking down on unsupported claims by companies that make supplements, and that research studies have shown that most of the supplements don't do anything except make expensive urine. :)

That said, if it makes you feel better, keep doing it!


I don't have any personal experience with Herbalife but I've had to talk a few people out of getting involved in the multi-level marketing scams that push their products.


In reading your question, it seems less like a question and more like an excuse to say how much you like Herbalife. To answer your "question", I will say that I lost 85 pounds without any pills or diet programs. To me, those things aren't necessary if you really want to improve yourself badly enough.


Never tried them but never needed to. They just remind me of snake oil.