questionswhere can i find a plain backpack?


edit: the other "everyday" packs indicate they have a padded back panel, so I am assuming this has none.


This is the one my son uses for school he wanted to stuff it in his locker, so we looked for one as flat as possible. We got ours in Sports Authority if you are looking for a walk in store. This link is for amazon.
It has no padding.


@theoneill555: I'll send you an answer, over thataway (I have one you can just HAVE).


@oheifearnain: This part is kinda funny:
Product Details
Item Weight: 7 pounds <--------------------------------------- WOW!!!!
Shipping Weight: 8 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Seriously, Jansport is the best & their packs work. This is a good find. Roll it up & keep it put away until needed. Just dump the HSM lunchbox...

@shrdlu - FREE STUFF!!


@rlapid2112: Thanks

@oheifearnain: The Sports Authoritys near me only have those padded ones. Thanks for the link to the Amazon one. I wasn't sure if it was padded or not.

@shrdlu: I didn't think to look thataway for a backpack. Thank you.


@rlapid2112: Nice catch. It sounds like they have a picture and details that don't match. I wonder which they are selling? I will go find my receipt and see if it has a product number.


@oheifearnain: If you can't find a the number on the receipt, there might be a little tag on the inside of the backpack with the number on it. A certain someone's tag is no longer readable as she has had it FOREVER.


@linkage89: I found the number on the receipt the problem is, it's two years old I don't think they are making it anymore.:( Shrdlu had a better suggestion anyway.


@theoneill555: Okay, on the way. I found the PERFECT envelope for it. It made me happier than anything you can imagine. I'm sure you'll be thrilled for the envelope alone.

Life is good. No worries.


@shrdlu: Thank you, ma'am. Now I am going to be anxiously checking the mailbox just to see what kind of envelope you found.


@shrdlu: Are you starting a new wootradition, the backpack 'o crape`? I'm in!


@eojoob: Been there and Target and Sports Authority and the department stores in the mall and the bad stores in the mall, all of their's had padded backs.