questionswhere is the best place to get xbox live gold…


lol I just posted a topic about this...
I have a free 1 month subscription to xbox live gold if you want it. head over to my deals.woot question and reply there if you do!


@hirshy: haha, I saw that. I just posted in your thread. Thank you!


Keep an eye on the deals here. A good price usually makes it to the front page. Today's is from Newegg for 40 bucks. Be a bit careful of Ebay sellers: XBL cards have been subject to counterfeiting and fraud so be sure you are getting the real thing. That isn't a problem from Amazon, but can be on Ebay.


I bought today a 3 month xbox gold subscription for $15 form prepaidgamecards. Yesterday the price on their website was 19 so I guess they have a promo now.


I would say BB has some of the best deals if you are willing to wait a little bit for the rewards to come back. especially if you purchase with a BB credit card where you can 4x the points rewards. I recently purchased 1yr live card and was essentially paying 46 plus tax (-25% for silver rewards) received also almost 5 dollars off that was added to my current points. Just a different option that might work for most people around the U.S.

just fyi :-)