questionswhat's with all the hate on


I asked the same question on the actual deal. So far not a single downvoter has provided ANY reason. It sure looks to be a good deal and on the up and up. I, too, would love an explanation.


I usually down-vote professional sports deals (as well as all those hockey equipment postings lately). I understand it is an unpopular opinion in this country but I believe they are a pox on our society (it should be engineers, scientists and people with innovative inventions that are worshiped, not grown men chasing after a little ball). I doubt this is the reason for the rest of the down-voters though.


@benyust2: If that's your opinion then you should downvote every movie & show deal with actors getting paid far more than most athletes and music deals with performers getting paid millions for a song. If anything, actors and "musicians" prove to be far more damaging to society than sporting events ever will. Just because you have some built-up hatred towards sporting and athleticism doesn't mean it’s not a good deal for those who do not.

Also this deal wasn't for only sporting events, it was for everything from Barry Manilow to Sesame Street: Live.


@benyust2: Thanks for giving your reason. I wish down voters would do that, despite the fact that it opens them up to people who disagree with their reasoning. In this case it's helpful to the person considering the deal to understand your motivations.


@benyust2: God forbid we have professional athletes that are role models for children, making the children actually want to play outside and run around. Rather than sitting on their butts playing wii and getting their whole 45 mins of gym class once a week.


I'm waiting to hear, as well. I'm always open to ways to save money on tickets to pro sports events -- can't really afford to go, otherwise. Taking a family of only four to a Chicago Cubs (I know, go ahead and hate) game is like spending money on a mini vacation.

Looks like this might be an example of why numbers can't always be trusted.


@eraten: Ohhh, I do! But that is more about the absurdity of actually buying DVD's or Blu-Rays, not so much because of the overpaid actors. Don't get me wrong, I am 100% in favor of the free market and if people want to spend their money on sport stuff, more power to them. But I believe it is weakening our society all the same. The main thing that I dislike about sports is all the wasted medical time and supplies treating injuries.

If you don't want an honest answer, don't ask the question. You don't have to be rude if you don't like the answer. Either buy the deal or don't.


@jsoko: Or, you know, maybe the kids could create something useful for society as I referred to in my comment.


Interesting. The question asked for people's reasons for the downvotes. Why downvote @benyust2 for answering honestly?

Because of this, I'm not going to explain why I did it. Feel free to downvote me for replying.


@thumperchick: I'm sure people aren't downvoting for answering honestly, I think it more has to do with the ridiculousness of the downvote reasoning (considering the website sells way more than just tickets for "grown men chasing around balls.") If you have any relevant reasononing for downoving the deal; the website being non-reputable, there are better deals out there, etc, I'd love to hear it before dishing out money to this business today.


I honestly don't feel it's that good of a deal. I'm not terribly interested in sports either, let alone spending $100+ on a ticket. There's only a few concert's I'd do that for, and those tend to be multi-day affairs. It has very little to do with the site, but just that I am the exact opposite of the target market.

If it looks good to you, I say go for it.


@benyust2: Wouldn't you rather your child be fit enough to do these great things you speak of, rather than die at an early age from obesity? There is nothing wrong with sports, it helps people to stay fit and live to be successful to the world in whatever the career they choose.


@jsoko: Yeah, modern athletes (and entertainers, no diff) are role models I'd like my kids to emulate.
If I want them to learn they can flaunt the law so long as they bring the $$
After all, it's the American way.

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@j5: I'm not saying children should strive to be athletes and entertainers in every way. My point is some forms of exercise are necessary to live a longer life. To simply downvote every piece of sports equipment, because pro-athletes use a form of it, is idiotic.


@jsoko: I don't disagree with you, but read the @benyust2's post again. (s)he downvotes professional sports deals. How far that goes I have no idea, but I didn't see her/him saying "I downvote sports equipment"

In other news, I fully support college athletes getting paid. Holy crap the NCAA is making a fortune off of these kids and they get bupkis.

Disgusting money grubbing NCAA

eta: re: downvotes. I think TicketBastard has put such a bad taste in everyone's mouth that they auto-downvote any ticket deal.

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@j5: I saw, "I usually down-vote professional sports deals (as well as all those hockey equipment postings lately)", and the hockey equipment I saw posted recently was for kids.

Look for yourself for what was downvoted:


Nobody cares if you like sports.

By downvoting this deal, the most obvious inference people are going to make is not that you don't like sports but that you have some problem with the company or the deal itself, and that is not helpful to people who are genuinely interested in pursuing it nor is it fair to the company offering the deal. . . nor is it fair to Woot!, who stands to lose sponsor business if said sponsor is downvoted for no good reason.


@jsoko: yeah, ok. RIF fail on my part.

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I actually have experience with ScoreBig! (Answered in the actual deal thread.)

I didn't downvote or upvote since I feel pretty neutral about them at this point. However, I think most downvotes are from people who don't like sports. I myself am guilty of that gut reaction when I see a sponsored deal that is absolutely 100% contrary to my interests/tastes like "Eww! Thong speedos for dudes?!"

Though I stop myself and don't downvote unless it's a sucky deal (as in the discount isn't all that great). I don't like it when people downvote something just because it's not something they are personally interested in so I try to not do this also. It's similar to how I hate product reviews that aren't about the product itself ("1-star! I never got it in the mail so I can't really reviwe it.")

Just speculation on my part.


@curli76: Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Now how do we get everyone who votes to read your response and understand it?


Thanks for the responses everyone, I think it's safe to say the downvotes weren't warranted and the site is actually a great way to save money on ALL events. I ended up spending quite a bit of money on event tickets last night. It seemed that everything I bought came with another $10 or $15 off coupon to spend on more. I like the idea of, it makes it fun and you'll save a lot of money vs using traditonal methods.