questionsphilips norelco speed electric razor


Hey Brent, is this the deal you're referring to? If so, then please note the tombstone on the top left-hand side. That means that the deal is expired. These expirations are caused by two things usually:

1. The deal is out of stock
2. It's no longer a deal, as the item in question has returned to its original price.

In your case, it's the second option. Sorry you couldn't get the razor for cheap, but I'm sure something will pop up soon that you'd like.

vote-for3vote-against is having a "Flash" sale today only of electric razers at The model you ask about is not in the offering but there may be something there for you. I think you have to be signed up with them to see the flash deals.


I'm still trying to figure out how anyone would email him.


@magic cave: Yeah, no email address left. Apparently for some people, the Internet is hard.