questionswho do i thank?


@nmchapma, 'too bad that method of attention-getting was required, but kudos on your classy acknowledgement & thanks. Nicely done.


Thanks for giving us an update :) If everyone who had awesome CS experiences posted about it as often as the ones who don't, I bet the reps and mods would feel appreciated and go that extra mile to keep the good times rolling. Happy to hear everything worked out!


Moderator magic is the best kind of magic.

vote-for1vote-against woot conversation avoids the chat tag and goes popular for all to see. Hypocrites.


@riknik: I HAVE MAGICAL POWERS????!!!! tries to zap wall with electricity

@nmchapma You're very welcome. I was merely the messenger. CS deserves the praise for going the extra mile and helping correct the issue.
I'll definitely make sure to give positive feedback to Wade in CS :)

EDIT: I forwarded your info twice but I'm also certain that @thunderthighs was instrumental in corresponding with CS


Great news ! Go mods ! : )


Thanks to the mod that made the tag change.


@nmchapma: It's just the principle of the matter. Nothing more.


@rogetray: I received the single teapot yesterday and another entire set today. I was hoping I received a surprise BOC :-) but instead I now have 6 teapots :-? do you want these back or something?


@studerc: "It's just the principle of the matter. Nothing more."

Really? It's beginning to sound as if you regularly eat lemons.

Perhaps you missed the comment @Thunderthighs made several weeks ago about trying to leave non-deal threads alone for a day or two so they could get good exposure before she had to re-tag them as chat?


@magic cave: False. My BOC exchange question was tagged as chat within hours of being posted. Hardly the quoted one to two days of exposure. The only reason given for tagging mine as chat was that it was not deal related in the respect that it would promote posting. However if you glance through the popular question page you will find quite a few questions that have nothing to do with posting deals whatsoever. I am merely referencing the hypocrisy of the alleged rules. My question had more than enough votes and support to warrant a popular status to get more interest and exposure.

On the secondary note, I rarely post anymore. So when I make the time to develop a post to help promote community I do not appreciate getting such ridiculous treatment. Perhaps it is time to simply move on as this community is no longer supportive and engaging.



We greatly appreciate your post and input on Deals tagging.
I was the one who edited the tags within this ATC question and was unaware of a "1-day grace period".
We are taking further efforts to make appropriate tags, highlight important/relevant questions and maintain more consistency with both non-deal and deal related ATC content.