questionswould you like to sign this cyber "farewell…


@jumbowoot and @shawnmiller: This was the first website I've known where People In Charge actually talked and joked with users, answered questions, gave guidance, and were just generally part of the community itself.

I hope the future holds wonderful, rewarding, fun things for you and for all those who've already left Woot.

Many thanks, and farewell!


Original tags saved, just for funsies.

meta farewell best-wishes put-on-a-new-hat-and-come-back-now-and-then


@jumbowoot and @shawnmiller: thank you for all you have done over the years to make all aspects of deals.woot a fun place to hang out and actually score some good deals. Don't be strangers and best of luck to you in whatever you end up doing.

Now for the more JW email for us?


Thanks to JW, SM, and all the rest who brought us a user experience that kept us coming. Anyone can sell cheap 'crap' but not every one can be you fine folks. The experience is what kept us here and that is what AmaWoot is losing. They invested millions in Woot but are losing the value of that investment with your leaving. They forgot that not all who wander are lost; it has been a great journey wandering through the intertubes with all of you. Thank you for showing us that a successful company does not need to be heartless and can get down in the dirt w/ their customers and relate on a human level. It is a marvel how you all were able to joke right along side us and still be the amazing professionals that you are/were. Please don’t leave us entirely. Come back in other guises and play in the dirt with us again.


All may weep for the ending of the Era of the Cockatrice!


Thanks for the fun thrill ride that was Woot, and all that you guys did to make it such a great place to hang out every day. Wishing you all the best in whatever your futures hold.


Fair winds and following seas to all.


Thanks for everything you do/have done @jumbowoot @shawmiller and any other staff member that may have been missed.

Good luck in your future positions/companies.


To @jumbowoot and @shawnmiller and the others who are leaving. Thanks for everything that you have put into this site over the years. This wooter wants to thank you for making Woot more than just another website filled with spam like descriptions just to push more product. You fostered a great online community and built up a banter between customer and company that few would think possible.

A few years ago I was really sick. I don't know who was responsible for the care package and kind letter that I got while undergoing chemo, and I don't know who sent the awesome BOC when I was recouping in a hospital from a liver transplant. What I do know is that it takes a whole lotta heart and happiness in a company and it's employees to do that for a guy, and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for help making woot such an awesome place.

Godspeed to you all.


To the all mighty @jumbowoot and @shawnmiller: thank you for creating this wonderful community that drew me here years ago. I cannot tell you how excited I was the first time @jumbowoot answered one of my questions. I hope your new jobs give you the joy and freedom you deserve.


To all the staff (no matter whether they are gone, going or staying) who helped make Woot a warm, interesting and entertaining community, I offer my gratitude and respect for the job you did. All things change, and we adapt, but it doesn't mean we won't continue to pine for the "good old days."

Best of luck in your future endeavors!


@jumbowoot and @shawnmiller: Good luck with everything. Much respect to both of you (even when I was giving you a hard time).


WE HATE SEEING YOU LEAVE! But may the pastures you're leaving for be even greener than these.

Because of the money, not the mold.


All great things come to an end, or become a mere shadow of it's former glory.


Bye @jumbowoot @shawnmiller Thanks for answering our questions and any helpful suggestions.


@Jumbowoot: and @ShawnMiller: Create something Wootier and I will join you.


@jumbowoot @shawmiller: so long, and thanks for all the crabs.


Thanks for making Woot what it was. It was an adventure.


I've been a Wooter for a while, but very late to the party on the deals side.
Thanks for the brief shining moments @jumbowoot and @shawnmiller.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go back to harassing the shirt-folk.

j5 j5

Both of you:
Thanks for all of the good times here, especially @jumbowoot as there is nothing I like better than a great 5 buck off code.

Best of luck to the both of you: please come back and see us sometime. Don't wait too long, as I think this place is rapidly turning into a ghost town.


To all who are departing, and to those of us who are remaining:

Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos.
~ Snoopy

And, again:

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
~ Dr. Seuss

Best wishes!


Goodbye, dear friend @jabathewoot. You were the most excellent counterpart to @theflounder, and an all around good time.

Here is the question where both first appeared:

Hail and farewell to you all.

{BTW, I still have the labels from the early packages, especially the amazing "FIRST CLASS" which is framed. Yes, I am that goofy.}


Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish? And for all the $5 coupons that led to impulse buys and cheap shirts. Fair thee well. Let this be only the end of the book, not the end of the story.




bah bye bah bye!! (done in my best munchkin voice) Even though its over, I do still have the memories!!


@jumbowoot, @shawnmiller: thank you for everything! wish you well wherever you land!


Oh jeeze i'm not good with words because i always mess them up but i'll give it a shot.

@Jumbowoot: Thanks a lot for all your input on my games, getting to talk to you is one of my greatest woot memories. I doubly enjoyed all the coupons you dispersed but more so your emails and all the support you gave the community. Whenever a question needed answering [for the most part ;) ] you were there with a quick answer. Thanks for all you did for the community, and coming up to bat when we needed help "sponsoring" our community games.

@Shawnmiller: Thanks for everything you did to help build the community and keep everything running. I really enjoyed getting to come to the seattle warehouse to meet you and the remaining woot crew. Thanks for always stopping by deals.woot chat, especially during the woot 4.0 downtime to post pictures and keep us updated with how you guys were all doing during the big change. Shoot I'm running out of room (cont.)


t was always nice to hear from you guys and keep us updated with what was going on in woot. You and jumbowoot will be greatly missed.

Again, I am really glad I got to meet you before you left, I only wished I had gotten to meet you guys before woot 4.0, looking back now it seems like it was all a little too late. Nevertheless they will all make for great memories :) ...I guess this is it. Godspeed You!


Thanks for all the Free Stuff


@shawnmiller , i just want to say thank you for being there for me. see, we had a batphone set up at woot hq and we never quite knew who would pick up on the other line. We just knew it was for emergencies only. Naturally i prank called it , and it turned out i had woken shawn from a 2 hour nap. well after much hurrah, and we both had a good laugh at the funny prank call that i had pulled on him. And then the site crashed two minutes later and i had to call him again for real. AWKWARD.

i just want to say,
thank you,
for looking out for me.
-all told
(in my best/worst @jumbowoot impression)


"Bye-bye ! Have fun storming the Castle." --- Where ever on your journeys you may find them !


@wootfast: Thank YOU! For still being here. But really for responding. That means a lot. Your response? Well said.

Knowing that there are a few of you left gives me a modicum of hope. (Okay, not much, but a bit.)

Best of luck, sunshine and happiness to you, too! :-*


@gmwhit: let it be know that i literally just got finished watching the office finale.


@wootfast: Oh! Please, please elaborate. Pretty please w/sugar or whipped cream on top??


Thanks, guys. It won't be the same without you. Y'all have made Woot a fun place to hang out over the years, and fostered a real community of fine folks - a rarity anywhere on the Internet, but especially odd for a shopping site. May all your future endeavors be blessed richly and may you enjoy them thoroughly.


Where am I supposed to get free shipping now? Oh wait, I don't really buy much here anyway. ;-)
Thanks jumbo and shawn, it was a great ride!


Best of luck to those leaving. The experience won't feel the same without all being told...


GTFO. No, really :) get while the gettin's good, and best of luck!


As a farewell to us, can @jumbowoot give out $100 coupons the day before he leaves?

Take care and stop in once in a while.


It's the end of an era. You guys made this place awesome and you're going to be very much missed.


Good Luck to you guys, and remember to ALWAYS HAVE FUN!

Thank you!


God I hope someone at Amazon is looking at this with a critical eye.

What did the Woot! guys do to build up such an awesome site and community, and what is Amazon doing to make sure it doesn't die?


Thanks to all for all of the kind words.
Of all of the work I've done, this takes all of the cake.
All of you have made all of my days.
All the best to all of you.

All told.


Bye! Thank you very much!

cf cf

We shall meet again, my friends!


@gmwhit: There are lots of us left, though we will certainly miss @shawnmiller, @jumbowoot, @dave bug and @lukeduff. The development staff (myself included) still cares about Deals, I assure you. Some of us are a bit more reluctant to get involved in conversation, but I don't mind answering questions now and then. I am not, by any means, a Person in Charge, but I'll do what I can!