questionscan i hear from some dog lovers?


You have my sympathies. I have no puppy stories to share, but I do know how hard it is to loose part of your family.


I am so, terribly, terribly sorry that you have lost your doggie. I know that you have said in the past that she was an older dog and was fighting some illness. I'm just so...sad for you.

I don't have any happy dog stories to share, at this time because I just made a vet appointment for next week to take my mom's fifteen year old dog in to have her put to sleep. (Mom does not yet know that this is going to take place.) Mom is 84 and Trixie is the love of her life, I think even before me at times. This is going to be so hard.

So, I will grieve for you, too, for your loss, as I grieve for my Mom's.


I am so sorry for you loss. We just lost our favorite, Tara, as well, we know what a tremendous impact it has on you and your family. We had Tara for 12 terrific years before she succumbed to cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this tough time.


Losing a pet is so hard. I'm sorry you're going through that.

Since you asked for stories, I'll share this morning:
Most everything in our yard is iced over right now, making going out in the morning an exercise for the dogs. This morning, Loki was a bit too rambunctious, lost his footing, and fell over. He got back up and growly grumbled at me his whole way back into the house, while looking at me like I did it.
Apparently, I made it slippery so he would fall down. He also farts himself awake and glares at the nearest human when it happens.


Oh no, I am so sorry!! I am now sitting here with tears in my eyes for you :( Many of us know what you are going through. Huggs to you!!!

My guy has been gone for almost 6 years now but here's a funny story from when was with us. Our husky mix used to sleep next to me on the floor, he was too hot if he got in bed. He was a big dreamer and he would move a lot in his sleep. One night I woke up hearing this strange noise, woke up the DH, turned on the lights and we could hear him but couldn't find him. He had wiggled his way under the bed while sleeping, woke up and then couldn't get out from under the bed! He was seriously stuck. We actually had to lift it up to get him out! He was something else. I miss him every day.


@tarasadie17: @belyndag We lost our Tara 3 years ago to bone cancer. She was only 9 years old. I was devastated, she was my baby girl and part of my family since she was 5 weeks old.

I really missed having a dog around so I had to get another ASAP. Sophie is so completely opposite from Tara, she's not a replacement at all but definitely a beloved member of our family! She makes me laugh every day. @thumperchick Sophie scares herself when she farts, it's so funny to watch her jump up and look around!

Getting another dog right away isn't the answer for everyone, of course, but I do sympathize and wish you all the best for a speedy healing process ♥


So very sad for you. I know it takes a piece of you when your good friend & companion is gone.

One of my dogs, Eli, was a white snoodle. If he did something wrong (grabbed & chewed a sock, etc.), I would say, "No, bad dog!" He'd torque his face into a crooked grin. Then do the same crooked thing w/his body. He looked like a car that had been in a wreck. Bashed in grill & bent frame. He was fun; a funny delight.

Try real hard to think of the good times. I know how difficult (impossible?) this is now. My heart is w/you.


Okay, I'm back. I do have a story about my little Lab, Chrissy, and my Border Collie, No! No! Bad Dog Maggie, otherwise known as Maggie.

We had had some very windy days, even for Kansas. Unknown to me, my neighbor's 8X10 metal storage shed had been picked up by the wind, blown over their fence and had landed (right side up) on the far side of my yard. I let the dogs outside to go and do their business and as usual, they went charging full speed, out the door. Maggie ran right by the shed not paying any attention to it. I'm not sure she even noticed it. Chrissy, still going at full speed, abruptly stopped and then backed up all of the way back to the porch, never taking her eyes off it it. I still had the door open and she backed up into the house. Some watch dogs I have!


Thanks for the sympathies and the good stories. I picked both of my kids up and took them to lunch to get away for a while. DD brought her Shih Tzu over and that always makes me smile, too, so I am feeling a bit better, although it's coming and going.

Since someone else brought up farting, I need to tell a Cuddles story. Her diet was so restricted since her heart problems began, and either the illness, the meds, or some of the limited food she could eat affected her digestion. She never woke herself up with the SOUND of farting, but more than once she was startled awake by the, er, AROMA! Then she either slunk away to another room or buried her nose and acted ashamed.

Not the funniest story, but all I can think of right now. Maybe more later. I think I'll find a picture to post, too,


@belyndag: Please post a picture of Cuddles (only if you feel up to it). But we would like to see her.


Here are Rascal and Cuddles when we first saw them, just a few weeks old. Littermates and sisters. Rascal, on the left, became a soccer and volleyball player. In fact, we had to learn not to say the "S" word when we went out or she would immediately dash off and crouch, waiting for the soccer ball to come flying. Cuddles (named by DD who was 10 at the time) was a lover, not a player. She did enjoy the occasional game of tetherball, but otherwise tended to press against you for attention when you were trying to kick a ball to her sister.

After we lost Rascal to bone cancer nearly two years ago, Cuddles became my constant shadow. I stepped on her more than once because she would get right behind me while I was cooking. Just last night she came and lay by my bed while I was watching television and waited for me to pet her. I will miss my shadow.


On a happy note, this is Cuddles a couple of Christmas Eves ago, patiently wearing her reindeer antlers. (Scary eyes!)


I am so sorry for your loss. There is nothing I can say or do to make you feel better, unfortunately, because my majic wand is in the shop with my broom. I will be going through that shortly, as Merlin's Wobblers has gotten to the point that it is necessary.

Funny stuff: Both of my danes snore louder than my husband. While they sleep on the floor by our bed, they are either side. It is like snoring in stereo. Bella (blind and deaf chocolate merle) barks at ghosts. Day or night doesn't matter. When she does this Merlin (blue merle) and Aja (red dobermann) at first are on point with a look that says, "Where/What is it? Where did it go?". Then after a bit when they can detect nothing, Aja goes to lay back down but Merlin just stares at her with that confused look danes get. She can chase them (Ghosts) around the yard for a good 30 minutes. TBC...


When Merlin was 6 months old he weighed about 125 pounds and was 3 foot to the shoulder. He was having a happy attack when my daughter came outside and flopped into a deck chair. You know the sling ones that are kind of bouncy... Merlin was in the process of running up to give her a kiss as she sprung forward in the chair. He pulled his front paws out of the way and landed on the seat of her chair. Both ended up on the deck with the most surprised look on their faces. We were all laughing so hard we had tears running down our face. Aja used to run around with my moms bra hanging out of her mouth. She never tore them up, but she carried them around like a stuffed toy. That was kinda hard to explain to visitors...


Our Pom (Daphne) makes nests of our clothing. I've looked for certain shirts for months before finding them stuffed way under the bed or in the back of a guest closet. They are always twisted into a circle and shes curled up in the middle.

Whenever one or both of us come home her curled tail wags uncontrolably until we sit down on the couch to greet her. She runs and leaps onto the couch and straight up to our face. She doesn't lick because it's not allowed but she is rarely happier.

She's not a yippy Pom especially in public. She is very sweet and makes sure to let the kids pet her so that she's a good girl.

I've taught her many tricks including sit, stand, bow, twirl, stand and twirl, lay down roll over, and the best is when I have her sit and stay and then I walk away - then I tell her to come and she sprints toward me, I point my finger at her and say "BANG" and she lays down on her side and dies, not slowly but all at once so she slides across the floor.


I often refer to her as my wife's dog but I'll cry when shes gone.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Sorry for your loss.
My pooch hits a row of jingle bells to let us know it is time to go out with her paw. (not a barker)
When training we would make her ring it even if it was our idea to let her out. We relaxed the always ring if it is our idea rule. For example I am the first to wake and let her out when I get up, no ringing necessary.

Flash forward a few months, now when I am tired and having a really rough go of it in the morning, ask her to 'ring it'. She is less of a morning person then me and takes a drunk swing at the bell, misses looks up at me with 'what?, no, are you serious?' the I can almost hear her say 'fine.... I'll try again' some days she misses a 2nd time, some days she hits it so hard she jumps back from the noise it makes. I laugh.


so very sorry for your loss.

a few months ago, Dexter randomly started going into the laundry/mud room for 5-10 minutes at a time. he'd always do it when we weren't paying attention. and when we called him, it always took a few seconds for him to come out. one day, i saw him going in there and i watched him. he nudged the laundry room door a bit and grabbed something behind it. he then laid down and started chewing on it. worried he suddenly decided to start chewing our shoes, i went in. it was an old bone. apparently, he got tired of us taking the bone away (we usually only let him chew for 15-20 minutes at a time - keeps the bone from wearing down too much and makes it last longer). so, he hid it behind the laundry room door and randomly go and feast on it.


@carl669: That reminds me of another Cuddles story. She rarely got chew bones that were made to last long, and when my daughter's Shih Tzu came to visit, the little one would immediately get into whatever food or treat that was out for Cuddles. A few weeks ago I was straightening the pillows on the small sofa in my bedroom and discovered one of Cuddles chew bones neatly stashes behind a pillow. She never gets on the furniture, and in her weakened condition she certainly could not have gotten up there recently. I was puzzled, but returned it to her. I watched her until she took it back to my room, then I spied on her while she stretched her neck waaaaay out over the top of the sofa seat and returned it to her hidey hole behind the pillow. After all of her hard work getting it there, I decided to just leave it where she wanted it. I guess I need to go get it now.


@belyndag I am so very sorry for your loss. I, personally, am a cat person, but I do love all critters. I have had to say goodbye to my best friends more than once, and it is the Worst.

My human best friend has lost 3 cats in the past 6 months. I always make a donation to the Humane Society when someone loses a pet, and they will send a nice sympathy card from Kindred Spirits.

Cuddles sounds like a great dog. You gave her a good home and a good life, and for that you will be rewarded. May time heal your broken heart.


Oh, dear. She was such a sweet pup. Would she eat the satin/fat balls you made for her? I know you have really been working hard to get her to eat. I am so very very sorry. I will keep you all in my prayers. Please tell the kiddos that their cousins are thinking of them.


@blgauthier: No. By the time I found all of the ingredients and made them, she wasn't taking anything except a little water. I just gave them all to Lexie. She doesn't need to fatten up, but they are supposed to make her coat shiny. It was just so sad watching her slowly starve. The vet said that this is typical for coronary patients, and that she didn't really suffer. That was something we were most concerned about.

Please tell the kids that their cousins here miss them.


So sorry for your loss. Haven't had a dog since I was 5 or so, but the crazy orange fluffy Disney loving Maine Coon who thinks she runs my schedule has just informed me that it's past what she thinks is my curfew. Hope you can get some rest and find peace in the good memories.


@belyndag: I know how hard you tried to get her to eat. I'm so sorry.

BTW, I just noticed that someone downvoted your question. Some people are just a-holes. Don't let it bother you too much. A-holes are everywhere, I guess. Or, as you would say, "bless his heart."


@blgauthier: Yeah, I saw that. Too much going on right now to worry about it, anyway. Thanks.


@belyndag : Late to your post. So sorry for your loss. It's very hard to lose a furred family member.
In case you were wondering about what happened at the vets,
It's actually quite common phenomenon for there to be a surge of energy /increase in appetite when there has been none/ increased alertness, etc.... a day or two to a few hours before passing. There are many theories why this happens, but is seems that it is not known for sure.
It happened w/ both of my kitties and it can be confusing, but I had been told it might happen. { I had to help them on their Journey } It happens w/ all animals, including people, but it doesn't always occur w/ each individual being.

As for stories....
2 yrs ago this month, A large cat was eating squash seeds I had put out for the birds. It was winter and cold, so of course I fed him. He wouldn't let me touch him, yet I knew he wasn't feral, just freaked out.
After 3 weeks of trying all sorts of goodies to entice him to be friends and tbc


to get him to come in. He would only occasionally let me touch him on the head when he was eating. He would sit in the bushes talking to me, he wanted to be friends, but was too traumatized. It was too cold for this to continue --he was staying in dog house filled w/ straw I set up for him which was warm, but not for me to try and work with him ! I arranged to borrow a trap.
The night before I was to get the trap when i went out to feed him I kinda absentmindedly grabbed a catnip toy.
{I guess I should note I was currently carless, having lost 2 seniors the year before}
I rubbed it to release the aroma as he was eating and held it out. He did a complete 180 . Suddenly he was rubbing against my legs wanting me to pet him. I had a stoner on my hands ! So I walked a little ways and held out my hand w/ the toy again. He followed. I kept repeating this little game, until we got to the door. I opened it and he kinda peered in and backed off, but didn't run. I tossed in the toy and....


he wasn't going for it. So I held my hand out as if I still had it and he came over and as he did the love me love me dance, I inched my way around him and then gave a firm, but gentle little push and in he went ! He went and hid between bed and table. But by the next day he was sleeping on my bed. In fact he's there now. He talked non-stop for the first 2 days.{ Not crying, it was clearly conversation } He really needed to share everything he had been through. He finally got it all out and now isn't much of a talker. I wish I could translate what he said. Big guy. Was already neutered. He had pneumonia from being out, but otherwise in rather good shape. I put out ads,etc.. but no one ever claimed him or was looking for him. Perfectly wonderful guy. I wasn't sure I was ready for another cat. But another cat was ready for me !
just caught typo in part 2 -- should read "catless" not "carless". Sometimes auto correct is not so great !


@ceagee: LOL! A stoner cat! Love it! What did you name him?

In addition to our Camry kitty, we are currently hosting a stray that sounds much like the one who adopted you. DH alternates between inviting him in to keep him, and telling me that I have to find another home for him. I tracked down who we think were his owners, and found that they moved out of state and left him behind. He's a neutered male, too, and has the softest fur I have ever touched.


@belyndag: The next time DH says to bring him in, take him up on it. He's much too handsome to leave out : )
Or just bring him in and say remember you said.....

I didn't name him, he just let me know what his name was. I guessed a lot of things.{ Yes many stoner names! } Just a blank stare in reply. One day song came on radio. Diana Ross. "baby baby baby where did our love go... " singing along to him, cause he was a big baby in the beginning. . So as I was singing Diana Ross, it led me down a path. Of course Diana wasn't it.
I went down the list of known associates...... and at Quincy Jones he perked up --- and when tried again he responded to it. His name was Quincy all along. It just took me awhile to figure it out. But he let me know when I got it right .

I need to set up an photo account to put pic. on line.
Seems when I come on to do it, I get sucked into the black hole of the internet ;-)
Must focus. Must focus.
soon !


@ceagee: We have brought him in a couple of times. He loves to be picked up and held, but is scared of being in the house. He just sits and the door, looking out, and cries. I think I'll keep trying, though. I've tried a few names with him, but after seeing the latest Hobbit movie I've been calling him Gandalf (the Grey). No inspiring music yet, but maybe I'll try that if he keeps hanging around.

Rather than a photo account, why don't you post a picture using I would love to see one.


I've received a number of very comforting things since I posted about Cuddles. I just posted this elsewhere and thought I should share it here, as well:


@belyndag: We put Mom's dog to sleep yesterday. Trixie was old (15) and had been in some pain for a while. Recently, the pain had gotten worse and although we felt awful doing it, it was time to help Trixie in the only way we could.

Today, I showed Mom what you posted about a dog's purpose according to a six year old. We both cried as I read it, but I think it helped to make Mom feel a little better. Thank you for posting this.


@barnabee: I'm so sorry to hear about Trixie, and so glad your mother found it comforting. I thought it was very sweet. Kids sometimes see through to the truth, don't they?


I was on vacation when you posted this so I missed it. So sorry for your loss. I am not going to read this thread as I am at work and animal stuff always makes me cry (biting my lip as it is after reading half your post). But i do want to share my condolences. I know far too well the sadness of losing pets, and I also had a one-two whammy a while back that was doubly hard.


@moondrake: Thanks. It's getting better. Having the kitty helps a lot. She is enjoying being an only (fur)baby and getting terribly spoiled. As I type this she is lying on the keyboard trying to block my every move.

I have to admit that I still haven't moved out the feeding pad where my pup used to eat. I finally washed and put away her beds (she had several throughout the house as she liked to be wherever I was), but left other things, just because. Maybe I'll move them one day.