questionswhere is the best place to sell engagement ring?


Craigslist. Guaranteed to sell everytime.


jewlery store where you bought it.


@jeffk069: That usually doesn't work. My one friend bought a ring for $7500 and when his fiancé left him the same store was offering him $1500.


Boulevard of Broken Dreams


keep it.. use it on the next girl :)


Craiglist? retail is 13k. store won't take it back. :( seriously bad karma to keep for the next girl. wow


Not recommending but if you have insurance on it, you could always report it as lost/stolen. Just make sure you do lose it first.


You could have the stone removed and keep it in a safe deposit box and use it in a new design for a future time, or you could sell it at a huge loss as others have stated here. Unfortunately, that is the worth of diamonds when sold by an individual. And, actually, when you buy a piece from a jeweler, you may actually be purchasing a stone that was removed from a piece of jewelry, polished, certified, and sold at one of the diamond markets in major cities such as New York. I am sorry that it did not work out for you, but when you have it reset, it will be a new and different ring.


Search your area for some independant jewelers. They can usually point you in the best direction.


Be careful.. depending on your state you have to give it back to the guy.

Legally an engagement ring is not a lifetime (inter vivos) gift, but a conditional gift in contemplation of marriage. The conditional gift becomes absolute after the marriage takes place.

Not enough info in your question to let you know if selling the ring is even a good idea.


If you can aford to stash it away do it. You'll not be sorry later. I've learned when young girls might think it matters about a ring. A mature women won't. You might wait till your married a few years before you give it as a gift and you don't have to say where it came from! Somethings are mean't to be kept quiet about. Give it to a daughter later in life. But think it the long term. Or if you must sell it, join a jewelry fourm and follow the chats, get to know who, knows everyone. Make friends and then get their help to sell it on the fourm. At least on the jewelry forms they are appreciative of high dollar and quality gemstones and their settings. Good luck and God bless.