questionsdollar stores: deal or no deal?


maybe @loosecannon67 or @wootfast could answer this properly and not snarkly like.


@mtrlgrl: The problem with your post was that it linked to a blog and not a deal. By that I mean that the deal was either not easily visible and was accidentally deleted or misc. Feel free to try again. Dollar store is fine to post from.

@hobbit: That's like telling a rainbow not to be a rainbow.


I have posted items here that were the normal price and were not taken down. I think that if something is offered at a low price normally should also be represented here, regardless if there is a discount or a sale on that particular product.


@loosecannon67: if im a rainbow and your a rainbow can we be double rainbows?!?!?


@loosecannon67: Ah but the difference between you and a rainbow is that a rainbow is inanmate and cannot help being a rainbow and you are supposed to have something other then teddy fluff between your head.

@wootfast: That video got old after it hit Tosh.0


@catbertthegreat rainbows also don't post stupid open ended questions and then tell us we are wrong when we respond


@loosecannon67: I did post it from the webpage, or so I thought. I will try to repost the deal again.


@hobbit: Just saw THIS thread (I'm getting in on all this late today, sorry), and - meaning no disrespect AT ALL - just think it's funny/interesting that @wootfast's oblique question and disrespectful answer in that other thread provoked JUST the kind of reaction in you that the "Dwight" character on The Office and the dialogue written for him is designed to provoke in the other characters. Thus, not realizing that wootfast was quoting, you unwittingly showed us just HOW annoying someone like Dwight would be if he actually existed and we actually had to deal with him. I have newfound sympathy for the other characters on the show.

@mtrlgrl: As already explained, nothing wrong with posting a deal for something at its "regular" price. If you like it and think others will - and obviously you have good instincts about these things - post away!


@gwintner: not that I need to explain but it wasn't just today. Today was just the last straw. I took care of my issues with out getting really angry on the forum.


@hobbit: Oh, didn't realize this was a larger issue, beyond the thread from today - and again, no offense intended, was just personally amused by the shenanigans. Looks like I'm out of the loop. Okee doke, glad it's all resolved without anyone losing their cool.