questionswho do you have to know around here to get a boc?


Nope, its not cuz you're new. BOC's have always been tough to snag and usually sell out very quickly. This time around they're even harder to grab because it seems like they're selling them one at a time via the links. Just keep trying & you might get lucky.

+1 for the tag & in case it gets changed - "why-are-tags-so-important-around-here"


No, it is because you are new ... now.

I have received 5 total, but I have been wooting since 2007. none recently. too many people on now and too much autobuying.

PS: woot is dead.


I've also been around since 2007 and I've snared a whopping zero. They are elusive little buggers.


@auctionsaver: I poured one out for my fallen comrade tonight whilst thinking the same thing.


I've been here since 2005, and I've gotten I think 3, maybe 4, so don't feel bad.

Also, don't feel bad because they have become more and more crappy over time. In short, you aren't missing much. Don't feel bad.


It is my Destiny to be the Crap-Less Wonder. I have never gotten one, been here 4 years. I wouldn't want one so bad if it wasn't such a big deal to get one! Stick around and keep trying; we're a bunch of hard heads.


14.4% of my woots have been BOCs
I joined 10/26/2009
1st BOC 02/25/2010
I purchased 26 items between joining and my 1st BOC.

I think they shouldn't let people buy a BOC for their 1st woot. I saw several of those during the woot-off and they're most likely 2nd (or 3rd) accounts of seasoned wooters who already got a BOC on their main account. At least make sure they didn't join that day and/or have purchased something else on that account.